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DeCICCIO, Winifred Mary
GREENE, Robert

The truth about cleaning your ears with cotton swabs

How blood pressure works
Too bad our physicians cannot explain it like this -- excellent and must watch video.
Excellent descriptive video on blood pressure.

2 minute tech: What's 4K / Ultra-HD?

Windows 10 Upgrade – Free is too expensive? Windows 10 upgrade risks!

CREEPY CAPREOL, JR. – Edited by Matthew Del Papa

Kids are natural-born storytellers. So what happens when you challenge a group of imaginative youngsters to write? You get surprised, repeatedly and endlessly surprised.

Creative, original, and occasionally terrifying, CREEPY CAPREOL, JR. contains stories will keep readers up at night, rethinking kids-lit…with the lights on. more


Trinity United Church June Newsletter Capreol, Ontario

Trinity United Bread and Roses,72 Young Street, Fellowship Hall 3rd Thursday of each month

9 am to 11:30. Contact Person:Charlotte Cameron (705) 222-9664

Soup and Sandwich at the Capreol Legion
What better way to take the winter chill off than a hot homemade bowl of soup & a sandwich.
Every Thursday from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm - Eat in or Take out!
Menu: Combo soup, sandwich & beverage $7.00
Soup only $3.00,Sandwich only $3.00, Pop, Coffee or Tea. $1.00

Capreol Community Closet

Monday & Wednesday 10:00am to 12:00pm

Saturday 12:30pm to 3:00pm

Capreol seniors covet $10M Complex
The board of directors of Capreol Long-Term and Supportive Housing is reaching out to the community, appealing for volunteers to help move plans for a $10-million, 44-unit assisted-living complex off the drawing board to the construction phase more
Fat Louis
The Toronto Star ran an expose on the Ontario Tire Recycling Commission*
Frank Madigan
They say nothing ever disappears on the Internet.
Creepy Capreol Comes to Town*
Ask Gammi
Since they put those new post office boxes....
A Eulogy for Prime Minister Stephen Harper*
Chuckle of the week -
Texting Code for Seniors*
Letters -Rita Christiansen wrote...
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