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Lucy Foucault writes to Prime Minister Trudeau

An open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

I would like to invite you to our house for a week. We would like you to enjoy
our indoor pool so you can see how nice it
will be when you have yours. But of course
oars is only six feet by three feet (our bath‑
tub) and only one too, for all of us — ii.
children, myself and my husband. now you
became prime minister of Canada is a mystery to me. I' wondered before, but when you say that a place to swim is standardhousehold
equipment for most Canadian
homes _ that takes the cake. If that's the way you like to spend money - on a $200.000 pool and Lord knows how many thous‑
ands on redecorating — let me tell you I am sorry l voted for you and, for all the others there in Ottawa who want a 50 per cent raise. How come they can't live on $30,000 and $40,000 a year? But my offer still holds.
You can spenda week at our house and enjoy our very lived-in house, but compared to yours very poor, and we've been married 26 years. But we have millions of riches that you will never acquire no matter, how much money you have.

Sudbury Star, February 14, 1975