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Running a Web site like this is a costly proposition in terms of time, mostly, but also in terms of money. Most small community sites are funded by their town/city council, the local Chamber of Commerce and/or advertisers; none of these resources are available to us.

Capreolonline almost totally relies on contributions from visitors to the site and extremely small revenues are derived from Google Ads. Unfortunately, support, when we get it, is another one of those things about capreolonline that are really, well, unique, which is to say it doesn't happen much! Please support this effort and help keep this site dedicated to Capreol alive. Ten cents a day to see what is happening in your old town? Is that not a deal?

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A heart felt thanks to those of you who are subscribing to capreolonline.
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Cornwall On
Feb.8th 2006 Capreol On

Enclosed is a cheque for $36.00 to cover my 2006 subscription to Capreolonline.

As a former Capreolite, Capreolonline provides an excellent opportunity for me to "visit" Capreol at the "click" of a key. I can keep abreast of some of the many things, news items, controversial issues, etc. that occur in Capreol and surrounding area. As I have done before I am pleased to support the service you provide with Capreolonline. Hopefully, others who also use the service will support it as well.

We will once again be visiting Capreol this summer and hope to see you then. Regards

Marcello (Mooch) Delgreco

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