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To whom it may concern

Thanks for keeping we expats from Capreol informed about the old home town. Memories of living in Capreol from childhood to the late 60's are among my choicest.

Names like C.R. Judd, L.A. and Catherine Gilbert, Ivan R. Douglas, Bertrand Bros. and the Bilsborough's come easily to my mind. We must not forget the town constable Mr. Conron and the man for all seasons, Mr. McNickel. Throw in a few of your worships, Mr. Prescott, Mr. Gibson and my own Dad Jimmy Coyne and there you have a few more pages of Capreol history.

Now it seems the old own is living up to expectations boasting a couple of authors who I hope will continue the recount tales old and new. Then there's the railway heritage group who keep Capreol on the map and a very vibrant United Church congregation spearheading a group of townspeople in aiding the refugees coming to our shores. "Only in Capreol," that same expression I often use to describe life in Georgetown where Doug and I lived happily for 43 years but always considered Capreol home.

I peruse the obits but most folks of my vintage have passed on, except my dear friend Rose who keeps me current with the old town as well. In closing may I just say, capreolonline is keeping any number of readers informed and entertained I'm certain.

Thank you, Rita Christensen

Thank you Rita for your kind letter. It is feedback like this that helps me keep going after all these sixteen years of publishing Capreolonline.

Gary Biesinger

Thank You for all of your hard work
Hi,some people call me Kate or Katie and on behalf of my husband and I, I would like to thank the wonderful people who volunteer their time and efforts to make the parade a success. memories with our grandchildren and friends will not be forgotten. The horse ride was the talk of my house, and the choir with the sing along filled our hearts. hotdogs with all the rest of the goodies for not just the children but also the grownups was much appreciated . We moved to Capreol about six years ago hoping to find a community filled with open arms and a place with activities to keep us young at heart and we are not disappointed with our choose. I would NOT change a thing with the events of that evening. And we are so looking forward to next year.
Thank You for all of your hard work. - Bill & Kathie Turbitt <turb24@vianet.on.ca

All my early education was in Capreol...grade one to grade thirteen (1940 to 1952.) The old public school I went to had been built in two stages...the lower floor (nowencompassing the library and offices) had one date over the front door, and the upper floor was added later and that date was over the back door. I believe this old photo is the first stage, but I can’t recall the date. The town offices may lead you to when the two parts were built.
Great website Gary. - Lois White

Tragedy could have been avoided

A young Capreol life traumatized for life after losing his friend to drowning .
A tragedy that could well have been avoided. Our City Leisure services and politicians had Capreol Diving board on our river front removed because of liability. A 90 yr old resident born and raised on the river never seen or heard of any problems with our diving board. Request to have it replaced has fallen on deaf ears.
Now our kids have resorted to swimming across a faster current down river to get to a rock face to dive where the tragedy occurred .
Our politicians sitting on over 2 Million in slush funds couldn’t see it clear to have our diving board included in an insurance policy.
Our river front was a very popular recreation area for both Capreol and Hanmer.
Diving board on the island , floating rafts to swim to , a dock and never any problems...
All destroyed by bad management leading to one drowning and one life changed forever over losing his friend...
I hope the Oct . election brings in new thinking and our kids back to a safer enjoyable environment - Fred Lammi

Hi Gary,

I acquired all my early education (Grades 1 to 13) in the two old schools in Capreol...from 1939/40 to 1952/53. The old public school was built in two steps...the basement and first four classrooms first (I am sure that is your unidentified photo.) The date for that construction was above the front door (now the library and town offices.) The upper four classrooms were added slightly later and their construction was acknowledged above the back door. The town offices should have these dates somewhere in the archival materials. - Lois White

Great website.

Gary Kibsey remembers


It all began in a small Northern Ontario, railroad town called Capreol. I lived at 10 Shaw Street, on the edge of a small town, in a wonderful, whacky family with one jealous brother, two sweet sisters and of course a Mom and Dad. We had a few pets from time to time… but never any gold fish.

This huge silver colored water tower that measured about 10,000 feet high was in full view out my front picture window… well… it looked that high to me at the time, anyway. It was actually only 100ft tall. However tall it was doesn’t matter but one thing for sure is that it was a very important icon and fond memory of my childhood. Every once in awhile on my way home from a trek down town, I’d look up at that big tank and then suddenly break out into a 100-foot dash race against God… I’d always win, of course. God was never too busy to play with one of his kids, I reckon. That water tank was a sort of security blanket to me while growing up. As long as it stood tall and strong there whenever I’d glance out my big front window then it meant another day of sun and play on Shaw Street was to follow.

But one day it up and disappeared… yup… up and gone. The tank was removed long after I had moved away. I reckon the town finally came to the realization that they no longer needed it since all of the Shaw Street kids had all grown up and moved on. To us kids, it was a perfect rock-throwing target and a great home base for hide-and-go-seek or game of team tag. To the township of Capreol, it was just a boring ol water tank.

And so there it stood shiny and tall from sunrise to sunset and of course, we kids were sternly warned to never… ever… even think of climbing the ladder that was bolted on to the side of it. It would have been like attempting to climb up to heaven itself, warranting a penalty too harsh to even imagine. And so all we could do was fantasize about reaching up and grasping that initial ladder rung that hung there out of reach at about the 10 foot high level. It was kinda like putting a bowl of jelly beans smack in the middle of a day care centre with a ‘do not touch’ sign on it, in my opinion. Anyway, it may have been out of reach but it was never out of mind… that’s for sure.

Then one day, it happened. Pat G, one of Capreol’s rowdier kids defied the oracle and did it. He actually climbed to the very top of that water tank. You can bet that he wasn’t from our street. It turned out to be a pretty big town event, hosting our one and only policeman, Constable MacAtee, the fire truck and of course a large crowd of curious bystanders. We didn’t often get to see much criminal activity in our town so this was a very exciting day indeed. It was a long stand off but Pat eventually surrendered and climbed down the ladder from heaven all of the way back down to earth. We never did hear what ever did happen to him but you can bet rumors were flying… higher than that tank. Note… the girl in the photo had no connection to the ‘stairway to heaven’ crime nor was she even related to constable MacAtee but rather was just an innocent bystander.

Hess and I had the scare of our lives one evening, when we spotted Knobby Clark, the new police chief… better known as Sneaky Harry, slowly cruising the back lanes in search of a couple of kids, suspected of throwing stones at the water tank late one evening… that would have been us. I guess an irritated neighbour or two must have phoned down to the law enforcement department complaining… baaad neighbour. Anyway, we were throwing stones at the nighthawks that often flew around the water tank in the evenings and whenever a stone would hit the tank, a deep ring would echo out, shattering the quiet of the night. Hess and I, sensing that we were in big, bigggg trouble, went into hiding under his dad’s car, inside of his garage. There we lay trembling like a couple of threatened lab rats intently listening to the slow motion crunch of gravel under the police car’s tires in between deep gasps of breaths. We could even smell the smoke from Sneaky Harry’s pipe that he always had a hangin out of his jaw. We knew for sure that Sneaky Harry was hot on our trail and it didn’t look good. Suddenly, Hess broke. He began sobbing uncontrollably and then spewed out a schwack of bad things that he had done in the past. It’s called confession… it’s a Catholic thing. It seemed more like Hess’s last confession by the way he was spouting off. He was convinced that we were soon to be captured and cruelly tortured down there in Harry’s dark jail. We kids were petrified of that place, to say the least. Anyway, I finally managed to calm Hess down as Sneaky’s cruiser faded off into the night… oh the innocence of youth. The photo shows the actual laneway and scene of the crime… minus the water tank, of course. I took the photo like 50’ish years later… oh, what memories!

The white shed in the picture is what’s left of George Crackenbush… 50 years later. He was a quiet ol fella who always seemed to be tinkering in his garage located right next to the water tank. He was always fixin up old Putt-Putt cars or so we used to call them. He would often take us kids for rides around the block in those 1920 gems, tooting an ‘a-ooga’ horn every now and then. The town’s people would smile and wave at us, creating a wind of excitement in the neighbourhood… kinda like an unadvertised parade.

And I can never forget those incredibly cold, clear, starlit, winter nights in Capreol when the thermometer dared to register -45 degrees. We snotty-nosed kids would be out playing hockey well into the cold dark night on our home made skating rink in the empty lot beside the water tank. Harald Mohns, the brother of Doug Mohns from the NHL Chicago Black Hawks, prodded the town’s fire department to donate a fire hose and hydrant wrench while my handy-dandy dad wired up some spotlights for those long dark winter nights. The echoing sound of skates digging into the hard ice, hockey sticks slappin and the high shrill of passionate kids in hot pursuit of the puck are such memorable sounds still lingerin there in my memory bank today. Neither could I ever forget those agonizing moments parking my frozen feet on top of a heat register, thawing out, grasping my numb ears while tears ran down my frosted red cheeks. It was all part of growing up in the frozen north, I guess. Sorry, I have no photos of the actual skating rink.

Kudos and Raspberries - by Valerie Bainbridge

Well, here in the midst of our ‘heat wave’ I write once again to thank the good hearts of Capreol who help Bob & me in so many ways. You know who you are! Especially due praise is one young fellow named Craig Beaudry of Balsam Crescent who silently, and unobtrusively cleans our driveway; sometimes he steps in to help Bob as he tries, and sometimes Craig completes the task unobserved…?in the dark of night??? Whichever, your parents need to know that others recognize and appreciate your kind efforts on behalf of a couple of old farts!

As the vicious disease progresses inexorably downward, we find ourselves increasingly dependent and, yes, reliant on the good will of our community neighbours. Our church family has continued to be supportive and caring, and help me tremendously by taking Bob on forays from time to time. He enjoys these, and I am given some free time to restore my slender grip on sanity! No matter the form or manner of the kindness, I thank you all. My heart swells with each kindness offered, and I state with complete confidence, you’ll each get your reward in heaven.

Sincerely, Val & Bob


On a sad note, though, I must instead of thanks, extend brickbats and slurs to those involved with the theft from Capreol’s Trinity United Church. Sometime during the dark of January 16, 2014, person(s) entered the locked church through basement window. Having gained access to the premises, he/she/they then emptied the locked freezers of most of the pie stock the church fundraisers had worked hard to produce to help the General Funds of our small, not-financially-wealthy, yet all-welcoming church. Additionally stolen was foodstuffs intended for the Bread and Roses (Capreol Food Bank) who distribute food to the needy of the community.

How even a starving person or group thought to consume or sell a large number of pies is beyond my ken. I must ask…was there no thought given to your probable apprehension? Was the resultant infamy, the consumption of, or monies gained by this theft worth the distrust and suspicion it has caused within the community?

Was there any degree of guilt that your selfish act might adversely affect many? How did you plan to eat that large number, or… how do you plan to ‘fence’ many frozen, uncooked pies? (By self-admitted ignorance, I wasn’t aware of a large market for ‘black market frozen pies’. Fool me! By the way, if anyone ‘opens their trench coat and offers to sell you’ some pies….BEWARE! You won’t know whether they are safe to eat, as they may not have been stored at a proper temperature. Be warned, you might get seriously ill with food poisoning. If there are some offered to you, please tell us, so we may advise you what you can do

It seems particularly hurtful that this was done to a church that has welcomed with sincere warmth anyone, and everyone who crosses the threshold. We’d even forgive the culprits who confess …but….. might feel motivated to enlist their help in replacing our lost pie stock! ;-)

In closing, I say only that the thief (thieves) must suffer from one of two conditions…either insatiable hunger, or few functioning grey cells.

For now, you culprits know who you are, and rest assured, soon… we will ALL know! Our local constabulary is investigating and hopefully ‘justice will prevail’

Shame, SHAME, SHAME on you!

My mother-in-law was born in Capreol and lived there most of her early life. Her father ,Horace Smith, was killed in the train crash of 1929-CNR -Drocourt, Ont. months before she was born. My mother-in-law was Anna Marie Smith (Luttrell)and she and her brothers and sisters were brought up by their mother Myrtle Smith who eventually moved the entire family to Toronto. My mother-in-law still has wonderful memories of Capreol and we were wondering if you knew where we could possible purchase a painting or drawing of the old town as a gift for her. We have managed to find some small Capreol items for her, in the past, but would like something else for her. Could you please direct me to someone in the town who may produce anything like this? We would like something as a Birthday/Christmas present to add to our surprise of taking her back to Capreol and area next spring. Have looked for some tourist type pamphlets etc but have found nothing. Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.
Valerie Syratt Luttrell bbrad008@sympatico.ca

Newmarket, Ontario

My name is Fay and I used to know a lot of people from Capreol.
I was friends with Brian (Nairb) Martin, his brother, Tommy, Don Vaillancourt, Jake (the snake) Mcauley and many others who came to Toronto back in the late '60's early 70's. The good old days in Yorkville!
If anyone would like to reach me, please do so.
I would love to hear from any of you. fay@legtran.com

Dennis Rannelli wrote:

Hi there -

When I was very young (I was born in 1956), we lived in Capreol (Norman Township) for a short while. My father work at a place called Lowphos Ore, he was a welder.

At that time, I attended a one-room school-house. That was a long time ago, but I seem to remember the grades went from grade two to grade six.

I was just wondering whether anyone "out there" remembers that old school house.

Thank you and have a great day.

Dennis Rannelli - drannelli@hotmail.com

Dennis Rannelli and Linda Quenneville
"Sales &Service of Commercial & Residential Gas-Fired Appliances"
- 705 863 0000

Is Capreol a GREAT place to live??? YOU BET!!!

My dear husband & I moved to Capreol in November of 2010 because we had to downsize from Val Caron to a property I can manage due to my husband’s health issues.

A traumatic re-location it was for each of us in different ways, but a most wonderful move it has turned out to be.

Please allow me the opportunity to send out a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to the many folks who have helped us in so many varied ways. I’ll try to list them now, but please forgive me if I’ve left anyone out. (It’s said Alzheimer’s is not contagious, but......!)

  • The friends who worked so very hard to help us get this disaster of a house habitable

  • The neighbours who tolerated the mess & upheaval of our remodel

  • The many folks who greet Bob with a smile & a chat with him as he walks our dogs. I know your friendliness warms his heart (and comforts me, knowing that people have come to know his routes and will call me if he gets lost)

  • The pleasant young man who helped me entertain our ‘Aussie’ guests with a snowmobile ride

  • The Post Office ‘girls’ who let him bring our dogs into the building because he’s afraid that they’ll disappear if he leaves them outside

  • The wonderful folks who graciously agreed to hold his dogs for him while he made a quick purchase in the grocery store. You know who you are, and now you know why.

  • The staff at Foodland who exhibit patience when he shops

  • The Legionnaires who feed him at the weekly Fish Fry

  • The ‘girls’ (and one guy!) at the M&R who prepare and serve his standard order for him rapidly each Sunday

  • The mystery person who cleared the snow fromour driveway

  • The kind young man who, on seeing Bob struggle with clearing the snow before Christmas, not only offered to help, and did, but left before Bob could offer payment. Your parents raised you right, & I thank them as well as you, young man!

  • And lastly, but certainly not the least, our Trinity United family who demonstrate patience, acceptance and love for us, always.

We are SO fortunate to have found you all. Thank You!

Valerie Bainbridge

Hello from B.C.

Although I left Capreol in 1973, I sincerely believe that my commitment of Business giving back to the community was instilled at an early age. My mother Nina Sbrega made sure that we understood the importance of community. I took many great lessons on supporting community from my brother Armand And Val Mazzuca.

My brother Armand is recovering from an operation and I sent a letter by priority post in early January......but I mistakenly put the post office box number that has been in the family for the past 50 years.


The letter was never delivered. It was sent to Capreol with the right postal code, so it obviously made it to the post office----so here we have a personal letter sent to a family member battling a serious illness who has lived in the town for the past
79 years.......same PO Box for over 50 years, and because there was no street number the letter wasn't delivered------WOW----that would never have happened back in the good old days. So, to the postal worker who couldn't figure out just who that letter belonged to, or which box it should have been put in, shame on you......maybe you should look up the word community in the dictionary. On a more positive note,

Keep up the great work----your site is amazing.


Frances (Sbrega) Sologuk

Osoyoos, B.C.


Another viwwer wrote:

I don't understand..Yesterday i got mail that was addressed to an old address from 5 years ago..different street all together,yet today the Credit Union called saying mail they sent me had been returned to sender. The only thing missing was my apt #. I have two questions..what if i don't want everyone who mails me to know my apt# and 2..why can't we use the new post office box # that is on the outside of our box? If..post office services ever become obsolete..i think i will have a hard time fighting for their (lack) service in a few years down the road. And i would almost bet they will know us all by name then.

March 13, 2010
Hi Gary

I was born in Capreol in December 1939 when my dad worked as a telegrapher at the railway station. For some reason, today I started to think about memories of my childhood there (we moved to North Bay when I was 5 or 6, and then to Toronto in 1949). I think I might have gone to Capreol once since then, when I taught a summer course at Laurentian in the 1970s.

I visited my dad's workplace sometimes. I remember that there was an armed guard on duty there during the war.

Today, I remembered when the arena burned down (in the early 40s, I guess). I have a vivid picture in my little boy mind of watching with my dad from far away, as smoke was coming through the roof and firefighters were chopping holes in the roof? Is there any record in the town museum of that event?

We lived in what I think was a white frame house; it was at the edge of the bush in those days, and I seem to remember it was close to a water tower, but I can't remember the name of the street. I do remember the public school... there was no Catholic school there in those days, nor any kindergarten either.

Well, it was fun thinking about the olden days, so I went to the web and found your site. The picture of Young St (at the Wikipedia site?) can't have changed much from 65 years ago. Is the railway station on that street, or have you a picture of it to send me?

Anyhow, thanks for listening.

Noel Cooper
Brechin ON

December 3, 2009

May 8, 2009Let me say first that I love what your doing......grew up in Capreol myself from 1968 for 11 years.Magical memories. Tried the directory to connect or try to connect with old friends. Leanne larmondin...dead link. Gelinases ....both of them dead links....just when I was gettin hopeful. Ive been trying to find a Kerri Ann Gelinas for about 20 years. No luck.

Oh well hang in there noble keeper of the records.......I wonder what it is about this place that fills people with such awe staggering nostalgia. Half the memories I have as a child make me question my own sanity....trips to dead mans steps andthe mummys cave up long lake way. Names have probably all changed and you probably have no idea what im talking about. It doesnt seem to matter what generation you listen to people all have the same haunting memories of this place. Came back two years ago on a fishing trip......came into town on Saturday night on the long weekend of the summer. When we enterd the legion at about 10:30 a 70 year old couple got up and left. They were the only patrons other than my father(Romeo Moreau) and brother (Paul Moreau) to be there all night. A Mrs Green resided behind the bar. Being disheartened by this I decided to take a walk down by the beach to have a look. No people...no beach. I guess everything has to change but im glad someone is helping keep the magic alive. Good day to you sir and hats off to this noble site.Cheers.

Will Moreau

It truly hurts my heart when so often I open Capreol-Online and read some of the rhetoric opinions of self-proclaimed journalists that are hell-bent on tearing down the outstanding relationship shared by the USA and Canada...

I am referring to a story that claims the USA is tearing out underground piping at Camp Pendleton that is stamped as being made in Canada and doing so for that very reason. Why doesn't this newspaper force documentation of such claims before permiting such negativity to meet public observation...?

Removing of that piping is required for the re-modernization and organization at Camp Pendleton and has nothing to do with the place the piping was manufactured at...

I would like to flog the idiot that wrote it and do so in a public square as a reminder of how things were settled centuries ago...

I am American born of Canadian blood and my years of living in Canada are cherished every bit as much as my years in the USA. I have relatives from ocean to ocean of both countries and from Labradore to Mexico. My bloodlines were the very pioneers of the Canada settlements...

The US remains Canada's greatest trade partner while having six and a half million unemployed; so yes, the US must take many steps to return its job base but in no way is that going to be so severe as to reduce the Canadian- American trade status...

To go further, if Americans are not working they cannot afford to buy and if they cannot afford to buy then the demand for Canadian trade will be in a devastating downflow...

I would suggest the idiot that wrote that US-bashing article be advised...no...forced...to research to understand the differences between a socialistic-democratic form of government economy and that of a democratic-capitalistic form...it would do him a lot of good...!

Where on earth can two countries share 3000 miles of border with having no guns facing either direction...? There is no continent on earth that has the freedom, the culture, the human resources, the natural resources and the willingness to help other nations in need as do the countries of North America...?

For over 70 years I have grown with both Canada and the USA and have shared partly in forging the future for those I leave behind. In other words, I have made a difference for betterment. When things get tough there are just more hurtles to climb over and we do climb over...

Yet, when some idiot has nothing better to do than to complain and point fingers, it's obvious that person is un-deserving of what his own country already provides. That writer should be reprimanded or fired entirely for the disgrace he brings to the news-online as well as to Canada... His was not an opinion, it was an outright unstanciated lie of degregation...nothing less...!

Raymond Boudreau
Indiana USA

May 12, 2008

Hey Gary

Great site.

Enjoy reading about all the wonderful things Capreolites have to say. My how time flies. It was only a few short years ago or so it seems that I was growing up in Capreol. Running the teen dances with my old pal Jim Train - now deceased. Does any body still remember [The Capreol A Go Go]?. Or the band NIRVANA with Robbie Adams,
Vas Haritakis, Joe Pitri et all. A few of these old buddies are now gone but they remain forever young and etched in my memory.

There is just too much good memory to put down in a few lines of text. The old days growing up and going to school and watching the Capreol seniors ball team win year after year was truly a proud time in my life. I don't think that now a days the young folks have that same sense of pride in there community that we had. Times have sure changed.

Many old friends are scattered all over the continent and we tend to loose track of what at one time was what seemed our whole life. We couldn't wait for Friday Night to come around so we could all get together and socialize. Whether attending a dance, a get together behind a snow bank and sharing a couple of sips of some type of refreshment or hanging out at Chow's restaurant. It was a great journey.

Thanks to Capreol [My home town] for all that it was - for making it truly an experience of a life time.

Keep in touch
Fred Teolis - Sudbury

March 14, 2006
Hi Gary

I'm Doug Prescott. My sister Haroldene Turgeon (one of my 5 sisters you might be aware of, plus 7 brothers, Bob passed away last year) suggested I look up your web site, and was I ever glad I did! It has been such a joy to read through the various pages and other material etc.

I moved away from Capreol when I was 17 to begin a CN career in 1966 as a signal helper, (Dad said to get out of bed, I've got a job for you... ha ha), until the day I turned 18 ,when I became a Capreol northern brakeman. Was laid off in 1967, sent to Stratford "on loan", where Don Dell was trainmaster, who of course knew my father Harold Prescott. He persuaded me to stay there after my recall to the North end and I declined my recall. So I became a VIA train conductor in the South end until the removal of our trade in 1998.

Also, my brother Randy (RAGS) still resides in Capreol, and also his daughters Erynne and Shannon. My Mom and Dad moved to Barrie , to prepare for the life of my brothers Reg and Bruce would adapt to after they passed on. That event of leaving Capreol caused such an uproar amongst the townspeople and my family!!!

Over the years I've visited Rags and the town. It has been sad to see some downside of the town, but the people are hanging in there. Even Shannon is doing nicely with her business venture. the old "RIV" torn down...put down a few beer in that place..lol

Well, Gary sorry if I rambled on, but just wanted to touch base a little about myself. I missed out on the reunions in the past, but my old "roots" will always be a part of me.

Take care and keep up the good work, best regards..


December 5, 2005

The pages look fantastic Gary ..Wishing you and everyone a very Merry Christmas and the best in the following year.


November 29, 2005
I am looking for Email addresses of old friends from Norman Township (Foucault's, Cotie's, Proulx's, Harvey's,etc.)

Melanie MacDonald
Exeter, Ontario
e-mail: mellisa1@sympatico.ca

September 24, 2005

I always like to look around on the Capreol site... it brings back old memories.

Moira Tegman

June 8, 2005
Does anyone know how we can find out where teachers who taught at Capreol High went and what they are up to now?
Debbie (Heckman) Godwin
Belleville, ON
May 25/05
I just came across your website while surfing sites related to Sudbury. I am moving back there after being away for 30 years. I have been living 3 blocks away from the main Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, where every third person is a programmer or a web developer! I have been looking at Sudbury related sites, and have been really disappointed with most of them ... asking myself "is there no one up there who can put together a decent site? Then I came across yours! Very good, guys. Keep up the good work!! Maybe Sudbury will be ok after all.

Lucida Garneau

I am a former resident of Capreol, and enjoyed some of my most memorable moments growing up in the town. I have relocated since, and am now living in London, Ontario. I just wanted to say "HI" to all my former teachers at St. Mary's Catholic School...Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Adler, Mrs. Ovens, & of course Mme. Colasimone & "THANK YOU" to you wonderful ladies, as I just graduated from Fanshawe College as a Law Clerk, and will be attending The University of Western Ontario to persue a B.A in Law and Justice. If it wasn't for you ladies laying down the foundation, I would not be were I am today. I am so greatful. I'm impressed with the site!! Very informative letters and opinions expressed. If anyone would like to get in touch with me my e-mail address is: jessicaperrault@msn.com best wishes, and continued sucesses for a town that was so good to me.

Jessica Perrault
London, ON

Hi Gary,
I enjoy reading your website very much. My husband (George Chapman) is an old railroader from Capreol. He lived there from '64 until '76. We enjoyed reading all the coments from some fellow railroaders that he hasn't seen or heard of for alot of years. Keep up the great job you are doing.

Nancy Chapman
Derry, NH USA

Dear Editor:

Most of us are familiar with Lord Acton's famous dictum , "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." I wonder, however, how many of us are familiar with the second sentence of the oft-quoted passage which states, "Great men are almost always bad men" ?

That the Gomery Commission is uncovering corruption in high places cannot be denied. That there was an attempt to hide this from the Canadian people also cannot be denied, and we can thank "bloggers" on the internet for exposing what should be exposed rather than being swept under the rug by a gag-order from our often incomprehensible legal system. We should also remember, however, who it was who instituted the Commission in the first place - Prime Minister Paul Martin. He established the enquiry that is in the process of exposing the corruption and malfeasance of the Sponsorship Program's beneficiaries, and getting to the bottom of this obscene mis-use of public monies. If he were involved, he has shown a very odd way of "hiding" the facts. In fact, if it were not for Paul Martin's political courage in establishing this investigation, very little of this corruption would ever have seen the light of day.

Political courage is a rare thing in a politician. We don't see it that often. This is because very few politicians, or people for that matter, will take a moral stand that will prove to be damaging to them. An example of this was John Diefenbaker's cancellation of the Avro Arrow program. I was just a teenager at the time, but I had a great interest in aviation and I was intensely proud that my country, Canada, was building the best darn aeroplane that ever flew ! I had an interest in politics even then which went beyond that of most teen-agers, and when Dief cancelled the Arrow, that was the first time I experienced hate. I still think cancelling the Arrow was a mistake. It was a decision that dogged John G. Diefenbaker for the rest of his political career, but it was a decision that he thought was best for Canada, and he took it even though he knew it would irreparably damage him politically.

Similarly, Prime Minister Paul Martin has made a decision that he feels is in the best interests of Canada, as well as the simple precepts of honesty and decency. He has done this even though any exposure of corruption can do him no good. Why ? Because the people who are involved in the Sponsorship Adscam are all Liberals, and he is a Liberal. After all, aren't all Muslims weapon-wielding terrorists? Aren't all Jews dishonest conniving chiselers? Aren't all Pentecostal Christians shotgun -toting rednecks ? Isn't anyone with a German name (Diefenbaker ?) a closet Nazi ? Therefore, since Paul Martin is a Liberal, he must be corrupt ! Right ?

It is so easy for the non-thinking yahoo to tar everyone with the same brush, to categorize, to use racial, or in this case, political profiling. It is so much easier than thinking. Thinking is a lot of work. It requires assessing all the facts, and then coming to a sane, logical and reasonable conclusion. In this case, we don't have all the facts, yet. The fat lady has yet to sing the final aria in the Gomery Opera.

In this case, I think that Lord Acton might have been wrong. Paul Martin can achieve nothing good for his own political career out of this. Yet, despite this, he called for a complete and open enquiry. Sometimes great men are not bad men. Sometimes their greatness is manifest in a desire to do good, and to use power to expose corruption. Paul Martin can achieve nothing good for himself from this action. He can achieve much good for Canada.


Frank Madigan

April 5, 2005
Just a piece of news that the people of Capreol might find interesting. The two buildings that we have in Capreol, that I as well as many other, thought were for the seniors of our town, cant be considered by the majority of them. From what I understand 18 out of approx 20 appartments are considered low rental units.. meaning anyone who meets the criteria for low rental housing can move in. People who have worked and saved all their lives so they could afford to look after themselves, now find themselves turned away because of the lack of pay as you go units. I always thought they had been built so that once someone could no longer manage in a house, but were still able to live on their own, would have a place in the town, (they supported, grew up in, raised their families in) a place where they could be with people they have known all their lives and have things in common with. Instead of sitting alone in their houses during the cold winters, or days when they dont feel able to go out to get the mail, they would have others in the same situation to interact with. If we have the need for low rentals or co ops.. why cant more be built. They would provide needed housing, jobs while under construction, jobs to maintain the buildings grounds etc.. It would benefit everyone, and leave the 2 buildings we think of as Senior residence.. for them to be able to utilize, and help them maintain their pride, dignity and still be part of their town. Not only is being part of Sudbury forcing our youth out of the area, now they are forcing our seniors to consider moving out... Just something for people to consider, after all sooner or later we are all going to be in that situation.

The Richers

April 3, 2005

I have a simple solution to the lack of police presence in Capreol. I know that the statistics show that Capreol has the lowest crime rate in the City (of Greater Sudbury that is) but it is the public's perception that must be addressed with respect to the lack of police presence in Capreol.

They don't care about statistics, they want to see an actual police officer patrolling the streets and heaven forbid, walking the beat in the downtown area.

So the solution is rather simple. Move the police storefront in Val Caron to Capreol. You would have ten officers plus a Sgt and they would deploy from Capreol to Hanmer and Val Caron instead of the other way round. Val Caron does not have a "downtown" but Capreol does and officers could be deployed on the beat during day shift when the stores are open and the public is out shopping.
This is community policing, it is not rocket science.

There will be concerns from the officers probably, about having to drive the extra 10 miles or so from Val Caron to Capreol, but that is part of their commitment, to police the public.

I don't think you will get much of a concern from the Val Caron residents about moving the police station to Capreol, because it is located in a residential area where the crime rate is probably very low.

Something to think about and suggest to the police service.

I am a former police Inspector with the Sudbury Regional Police Service, now retired, but still have family in Capreol and I read and hear about the citizens concerns about policing.

I understand how the system works and that in the past each community wanted their own police service as they had their own council members who lobbied for storefronts in their respective towns, but now that that everyone is included in the Greater City of Sudbury (not so great in my view) there should be little resistance to this change.

Anyway, that is a suggestion you may want to explore.

(Name withheld)

March 30, 2005

Phil Bean writes

Having been away from Capreol for so many years, it was always nice to know that the people that made the town were always a constant. Most of my family still reside in Capreol, though some have passed on and will be dearly missed. It is true that Capreol is not as economically thriving as it was during the time when I was raised there, but the spirit which formed the backbone of Capreol was the currency that never depreciated.

Recently some of that spirt has been consumed. I was very saddened after hearing of the passing of a "young" resident of Capreol.

Chris Barbe was a childhood friend and former classmate at C.R. Judd. Later in life we crossed paths again, and played softball competitively. Never has so much talent been bestowed on one individual. This talent showed up early in his life as Chris "was" the standard to which we played sports in those early years. To this day, after traveling across the majority of our great country and playing in countless competitive softball games, I have yet to see such a sweeter swing, such a concentrated effort and natural ability as Chris'. Skill and ability aside, he was a great person with a great attitude and was the kind of person that you liked to be around. I never fully recognized or truly appreciated his selflessness and positive demeanor when I was a child, but I am glad to say that I did later in life.

To Al, Elizabeth, Val, and Drew; I am so very sorry for your loss. Chris will be missed by many. My thoughts are with you.

My childhood memories would have been to a lesser standard without him.

Warmest regards and deepest sympathies.

Phil Bean
Merritt, British Columbia


Hi Gary:
I just wanted to congratulate you on maintaining an excellent site. As a publisher myself, I know the work and dedication that goes into keeping a community site up to date. My own goal with Valley East Today is merely to build a comprehensive reference site for groups, organizations and businesses. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or energy to maintain a current news site like yours.
I have provided a link to Capreol On line from a couple of spots on my web site so that people from Valley East can keep abreast with what is happening to their neighbours to the north.
Great job. Keep up the good work.
Robert Kirwan
Valley East Today

I don't have a complaint so I'm not sure if this will be suitable for this particular site but I'll write anyway!
For once, let's change the negative flow of energy that seems to be apparant more often than not in the postings I've read on my first visit to this site, and give a huge round of applause to Tom Lennox for the outstanding job he and his crew did in assembling the Christmas lights and downtown decorations this year. The lights look beautiful and I'm proud to come back home and call this my home town.
Best wishes to all family and friends from Capreol. Feels great to be back!
Curtis Pitre
Thanks Gary for providing this forum that allows many of us to reconnect.
Our High School has been closed since the mid 90's and the thought has occurred to me that a High School reunion could rekindle some fond memories and keep alive the spirit of an institution that served this community well since 1921. I would like to know if there is sufficient interest in such an event.
Barry Williams

From Fred Lammi Capreol Ont. Nov. 21-04
We have submarines, young offenders act , charter rights and freedoms act etc, etc. All useless Liberal policy..

Last night (SAT.) youth on a rampage , bus shelter , gazebo at cenotaph, sheds broken into windshields and side windows busted , cars spray painted....the distruction goes on and on...

Time to get Marlow and Bonin on the hot seat and not like Sudbury Star praise these free wheeling, self serving thieving Liberals .

How they have destroyed society...Everyone has rights and don't have to answer to anyone....The kids are right out of control...No policeing and if they are caught some Liberal judge lets them off...The Star must be part of the Liberal Adscam scandal as they don't report any of the crime that is going on. you would think that the Star is on the Take and don't want things to look bad for their beloved Liberals.

Can you imagine $ 6 Billion for useless submarines and we can't protect our selves or our property .

No money for police but already Martin gave Bombadier 1.3 billion...for what...

All councillors should get on the backs of the Feds and start to get society back on track....
Capreol should have their own police like we always had. This town had high standards and we had respect for one another.
We are going downhill fast.
November 14, 2004
Although somewhat rambling,I enjoyed the column written by Cassandra.I had read in an earlier story about the problem at the Cenotaph.At the time,my thoughts were to round up a few old Veterans to park "sit".Or perhaps,their sons.Wave a few Canadian flags and break out in a hardy version of Oh,Canada,everytime the teens show up.This could be done on a rotating schedule,with the burden not falling on just a few.The dis-respective "young ones"will eventually get the message!Yes,they will just move on to other pastures but the Cenotaph will be saved.Isn't there any patrolling police officers,available?

I have a question for Cassandra....what's up with the American barbs in your column?I don't know of anyone in the US ,forcing their habits,ideals,pattern of dressing,etc.on Canadians.I,would not allow it.
Sincere greetings,
A proud Canadian living in the US. ...and proud of it.


(Elaine, Cassandra is pro-American but he says " because we live beside the elephant we have to remain alert".
From Fred Lammi Capreol ONT nov 12-04 858-1983

I disappointed to read that council has seen it fit to hire a french language director ( SUD STAR NOV 4-04 )

I can't see spending money on this when we can't even raise enough money to repair roads.

Furthur more this is Ontario not New Brunswick which is the only bi lingual province .

This is racist. My kids can't get a job in Sudbury because they don'y speak French.

Further more our MP MR. BONIN moved a bilingual post master into Capreol causing my sister in-law with two kids to loose her job to this racist behaviour

Capreol didn't need a French post Master any more than we need a french language director.

Who was looking for the brownie points on this one so that we wil know at election time.

From Fred Lammi Capreol Nov 12-04 858-1983

I attended the water meeting at the Capreol arena Wed nov 3-04

I was disappointed at the attendance of town people.

One councilor for sure and many important people with all kinds of posters to mesmerize me .

I found out that the other 14 inch line being installed from Greens lake was being put in just in case the other 14 inch line broke and Capreol would be out of water. First , why wasn't the first line made large enough ? Second $ 3 million need to be spent at this time for a second line to pump water from Greens Lake which is just down stream from our sewage lagoon .

These important people told me I will have clean sanitary drinking water . Clear and no bacteria .

They didn't have an answer for the chemicals it may contain that leach into the river from the lagoon.They say the Liberal government doesn't require to test for toxins. So much for safe water.

Next a food grade Rust inhibitor will be applied to the system to coat the pipes to stop rusting therefore undesirable color in the water.

I questioned the rust proofing chemical but was told it was gov't approved. WOW ..We sure trust gov'ts these days don't we ?

Already they are killing us with ( gov't approved ) high doses of carcinogen chlorine (javex).It takes longer to kill than E-coli and they will be off the hook.

I questioned about going to Wanapitae Lake for a water supply and start with a 10 ft pipe .

It was mentioned that the cost would be $60 million and only a 42 inch pipe. Note we will have 28 inches supplying Capreol from Greens Lake and 42 in. is supposed to The whole greater city..Do we need consultants?

The people of the south end of Sudbury are also being fooled into believing the have sure and safe water supply .

I guess Lake Ramsay has no chemicals not to mention the railroad running along the shoreline with deadly chemicals everyday. Railroads have a bad habit of going off the track.

It's too bad that a perfect water system in Capreol was allowed to be destroyed before an alternate safe source was found .

Someone is getting off the hook for this blunder and has the right to spend our water bill money on BS.

If it costs $60 Million to go wanapitae and you think it is too much , put to the people and see if they want to go into debt for safe drinking water.This is too serious to put in to the hands of some school boy in a suit who calls himself a consutant.

Also take note that a auto recycling yard in the valley has been in business for nearly 50 years and we have a well next to it .

July 5, 2004
In 1918, my Uncle Robert Hawthorne Wylie came to live in Capreol.
He raised his family there until his death in 1957, and is interred in Capreol Cemetery.
There is reference to him in"Capreol, the first 75 years"
His children were John (Jack) who was drowned in The Great Lakes, but I don't know which one, or when it happened. Sarah, who died at almost 9 years of age, Martha, who married James Yeats, Isabella, (Bella) who married William Stephen, Ethel, who married Jack Yeo, Robert who died at 19 months, and Lillian who married Russell Davidson..
This much I know, but what I'd like to know, if possible, where are the families now, so I can include them in my family research.
I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.
Thank you in advance of your reply.
David Wylie,
Sydney, New South Wale, Australia

From Fred Lammi Capreol 858-1983 Apr 16 / 04

Frank's forking out the Liberal BS high enough to give you vertigo .

First he says Mulroney left Chretian a $42 billion deficit . Sorry Frank the Liberals included in this figure the $ 6 Billion they called infrastructure money the Liberals said they were going use to get the economy going . By the way Frank the Deficit was $35 billion when Mulroney took over . What did the Liberals do with the $ 6 billion? Further more the deficit was $ 11 Billion when Joe took over and he wanted to pay it off with a 18 cent a gallon increase on gasoline. Trudeau and his Liberal gang defeated Joe on that budjet and brought the Clark Gov't down and won a majority gov't and went on to creat a $35 billion deficit. Were did the money go Frank? Qubec maybe as we are seeing in the last few months , metric system , bilingualism etc etc .

Is peace with Qubec worth all this money ? Liberals and Quebec have the rest of Canada by the throat. We are dying a slow death .

It isn't a democracy it is run buy lying cheating dictator . The CPAC channel will vouch for this. They can't give an honest answer.

Liberal health care sucks to say the least . They only contribute 16% when it should be 50%. Frank to be honest I think your $23 billion deficit cut to the provinces cost my dad his life and how many others have suffered and are suffering under the Liberal Regime . Health care in Canada needs help and the Liberal are not the people to lie their way into another 4 years of BS. Paul Martin has his own doctor running a business off our health care system in Quebec.Another scam.

Canada cannot aford another Liberal Gov't. We are taxed to the limit . We pay the highest taxes in the world for a new vehicle . Every time we turn around it is another rip off . Under a Paul Martin gov't gas is going to $1.40 a liter.Just think what that is going to do our way of life . SCARY SHIT to say the least.

The letter say he is afraid of Harper . I don't know why , he hasn't killed anyone yet . I'd pick the town bum over a Liberal , FEDERAL or PROVINCIAL.

Also You are afraid of Bush, I wonder why ? Their standard of living is 30% higher than ours and pulling away fast . I'd vote for Bush to run Canada before i'd ever vote for a Liberal . Nearly 44 years on CN RAIL is proof enough how Liberal can decimate a Canadian diamond and also my town of Capreol.

I wonder Frank if you have noticed how CN RAIL ties up the Crossings . If not I will fill you in .

The Liberal allowed CN to run 12000 foot trains with no infrstructue in place. Can you imagine ? 12000 feet at 10 mph..how many times over the crossing on Young ST. in a day. Not to mention the switching and the building of 12000 foot trains on the east crossing. sometimes the crossing is tied up for 30 minutes. How about that eh? Where are the Liberals and their board of transport boys?

My 87 year old mother inlaw lives in Norman and the emergency vehicles are down town Frank...The CN officials look out the window and think they are doing a great job...Frank who do I blame when someone dies on the other side of the track.

Frank who do we blame for the 2 lives lost at EXTEN west of Nakina because the Liberal didn't want to Patrol beaver dams when they were raping CN for all it was worth before they sold it for $2 billion . WERE did the money go Frank? By the way the locomotive are still there in the mud.

Capreol is a time bomb . The infrastructure in Capreol's CN yard is a total disaster . A train went of the track in 5 R in 3 places at once ...do you think rotten ties or wide gauge had anything to do with it ?

I guess with all the other times that they have been off the track the we have been very lucky there wasn't a car of dangerous commodity split open and we would have to evacuate the town .

Were have your LIBERALS and BOARD OF TRANSPORT been Frank ?

All kinds of excuses from CN ...no money to repair anything and no men to do it...I think I heard $112 million last quarter. How about that EH?

Go the south crossing and watch the train go by and watch the 2 joints just north of the crossing east rail and you will get the picture. I told them about this last fall.

Frank, please go and promote your PINOCCHIO PARTY to someplace else. I don't think all your rhetoric and claptrap will persuade the people of Capreol to vote LIBERAL.
April 17, 2004
Dear Garyb:
I was impressed to have received an email from a neighbor that once lived across the street from me from Capreol. I was amused as I ventured through your site in reference to the town I grew up in. Keep up the great work! The pictures stir old memories that bring a smile.
Jennifer Austin McMahon
February 4, 2004
Great Site! Keep up the great job. I visit frequently. No longer a resident of Capreol, I find the site very informative and enjoy the interesting editorials and current events. Thanks again.
Anthony Lancia
Burlington, Ontario

Sept 13/03
Last night around 11pm I was watching TV and noticed a police cruiser drive down Balsam street. It is nice to see the police in town. Around 2:30 am I woke up to someone squealing the tires on their car over at the Hanna balsam intersection stop sign I looked out my window and saw a red Dodge Intrepid going racing down Balsam to the far end of the street, pull a u-turn squealed his tires again, came racing back down the street did another u-turn squealing his tires and back down the street again, honking his horn. I could hear this guy squealing his tires at every stop sign, driving recklessly and very fast, too fast for me to even read his license plate. I am sure I am not the only one who saw or heard this car. This is the kind of thing we don't need in Capreol, Balsam street is not a highway or race track nor is any other street in town. I would like to know where the police were at 2:30 this morning?
A Capreol Resident
September 11/03
What a great website. Congratulations!! It's great to hear about the local news of my hometown, although I've been away for 30 + years!
Hello to all of you in town.
Where does all the time go??
Best regards,
Garry Milks & Family ( formerly of 12 Railway Ave.)
September 11/03
Gary, the forum is great. I was impressed by the whole site, nicely
done. Surprisingly it isn't abused by idiots like some sites I've
visited. Good job.
Like you, I also opened a small business in Brampton. It was my
good fortune to help merchandise and set up Pro Hardware stores as part
of my function as a retail desinger with D.H.Howden out of London.
During my time there I set up Capreol Pro along with Hanmer and
Chelmsford Pro. It was good to get back home on those occasions.
Brampton is a quiet small city and close enough to everything
without having to live in Toronto. Everyday I meet or talk to people
with northern Ontario ties. Working in inside sales lets me talk to
people throughout north america and I never get over what a small world
it really is.
Thanx for a great site and keep up your incredible efforts to keep
my home town something to be proud of. After living there from 1960 thru
1980 and having moved back once, Capreol and Norman contain fond
memories for me.... till later...Russell MacDonald
August 15/03
I have just been made aware of your website and I have enjoyed browsing through it. You have thought of everything. My mother was from Capreol, daughter of John McNicoll. She passed away but I still have many relatives in Capreol and will be sure to check out your website in the future.
Victor and Sharon Henderson
July 28/03
Hi Gary
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Capreol last week. It was nice to see
cousins Ren Lancia and John Lancia. The fish fry is a great way to connect
with people from the past. My mother, Jean Morris(Colosimo) sister of Tony Colosimo, really enjoyed seeing some her school friends of long ago. We were really impressed with the railway museum. We'll be back next summer for Capreol Days. Keep up the good work!
Geri Ziomkiewicz and Jean Morris.
July 23/03

I want to congratulate you on the dramatic photos of the Capreol Hotel
fire featured on the Capreolonline website.
Keep up the good work!

Ed Mazzuca
June 25/03
Hi Gary:
I used to go up that way every summer and stay at Lake Wanipitae. Loved the
country and the people. The Arlt's were the family that we rented our cabin from and they were great to me and my family. In fact I always felt like they were part of the family. Unfortunately years go by so fast you lose touch.
My dad Bill Swartz used to take us up there every summer. I had the best of times and even got to work on the island we stayed on one summer.
I also had the chance to enjoy your town in the winter. It was great. I think everyone snowmobiled every time they wanted to go some place. What fun.
Nice touch for the town the Capreolonline.
Cheryl Parent
June 3/03
Hello Gary:
Shirley Armillotta, is my name, and I am Rita Christensen's sister,
and Jimmie & Jean Coyne's youngest daughter. We live in Port Coquitlam,
18 miles from the city of Vancouver.I would like to thank you for the wonderful information both you, and Rita, my sister, put in place for our father. He was a "man about town" & so enjoyed being in the lime light !
This Computer era has certainly enlightened a lot of us with info of the past, and present ! Looking over the "Obits" brought to mind many of the people I remember when living in Capreol many years ago..
You are certainly doing a great job for the City of Capreol, and the many people who have access to the site you have created...
It is a long time since I lived in Capreol, we have been married for 46 years,and have been in BC for 30 years.
I married Joe Armillotta, (CPR Engineer ) from Sudbury.
We have one daughter, Ann Marie Phillips, and three sons. Jim, Peter, and Gregory. (All CPR employees)
Five Grandchildren are our "Pride and Joy," with one girl, and four boys.
Hoping to visit my sister Rita Christensen & husband Doug, on their 60th Wedding Anniversary in a couple of years, I will also journey to Capreol
to see my Dear Friend of 60 years Donna Morris.
Capreol holds many good memories, and so sorry those days are gone forever !
Shirley (Rita's sister)
Hi, Gary
Greetings from London, Ontario.
I think your Capreol web site is great, nice to see a touch of home. I'll let my brother Jerry and sister Mona know about the site too.
Best Regards,
Pam Morris-Rose
April 26, 2003
I see once again today our water is full of rust. It's really nice when you are washing clothes and making juice for your kids to drink and the city decides to flush the water mains without giving anyone in the town notice and your clothes are full of rust!! Went throught this this last summer and it looks like it is going to start all over again. The city tells you just to run your water for a few mintues but when you have to start doing that everyday it is going to add up and cost you. I think it is about time we get a break on our water tax bill for having to run our taps because of the rusty water here in Capreol.
James Tompkins- carajames@isys.ca
April 24, 2003

Dear Gary
You can't imagine how thrilled I was to actually see my dad's bio in print on line. The only way to describe the quality of the pictures is magical considering the imperfection of the originals, and you are the magician! Please convey my thanks to each and everyone involved.
The placement of the pictures throughout the text is eye appealling and there is only one correction to be made if possible. Could the text under the one picture of my sister presenting flowers to the Queen read as follows:1939 - Queen Elizabeth, King George V1 with Mayor James Coyne, his wife Jeanne and daughter Shirley.
My husband Doug is proud of his Danish heritage so may I draw to your attention that our surname is spelled Christensen and not Christiansen, a very common error may I add.
The citizens of Capreol both past and present are very fortunate to have a veritable newcomer like yourself Gary take time to compile and preserve the history of their great little town. I know that Jimmy would be the first to doff his cap and dance a little jig in recognition of your tireless efforts. My sincere thanks, Rita Christensen - rchris@aztec-net.com
March 10/03
Missing Capreol
Hi everyone love capreol and would like to see you all. nice to have news from there i will be checking your page often former capreol lunch owner.
peggy and girls - peggyker@nbnet.nb.ca