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May 15, 2005
Mrs. Murphy Class
Mrs. Murphy's Class

The Blackboard on the left shows the following:

I have only one mouth but my ears are two

I'll tell all the good and the sweet and the true

But the rest I will try to forget; Wouldn't you?

April Honour Roll:

8.Harold McLaughlin
2. Mildred Stewart
3.Harold Mohns
? Fred Johnson
2. Billy Rivers
3. Dorothy Way
1. Jack McDonald
2. Doris Sadick
? John Polawick

If you have any idea when this photo was taken please let us know.

Ray Boudreau: I cannot be positive, Gary, but I think this photograph may have been taken in 1944 or 1945.

Hi Gary...

From left side in the row marked 17...the third student up is me, Raymond Boudreau and I am certain that the picture was taken in 1945... I also had a brother Joseph in that class but cannot locate him. His face was badly scarred from an explosion and it's difficult to distinguish in the photo...

For the picture we were told to sit up straight with arms behind our backs so that our posture was more presentable...

Should comment arise, the Raymond in that picture (me) is son of Joseph Cleophas Boudreau...

My cousin named Raymond Boudreau was son of Joseph Donat Boudreau, also living in Capreol. However, Raymond was a few years older than me and he was in the classroom across the hall...

I have emailed the picture to my oldest brother and sister to learn if they can place faces also...

Have a nice weekend, Gary,
Ray Boudreau