In our Looking Back feature we will bring you stories from the past; stories about the Town of Capreol, the people, sports and the railroad. Alex Nepitt will collect and edit the sports stories, Helen Godin, the Capreol stories.
For some time we have been trying to bring you railroad stories but it seems that while there are a whole lot of stories, the tellers of these stories don't want them published. Perhaps these stories are getting better with every telling but then wander from the facts.
We no longer feature Railroad Stories since Railroad Museum in Capreol does an excellent job to feature them.We invite all of you to be contributors to this feature by telling us your stories. Perhaps you have some interesting photographs from the past which you would like to share.You may also post your photos to our new feature - The Capreol Album
- Please note that photos must be in .jpg or .gif format and no larger than 1 Mb. If you need help preparing your photos for the album, send them to us and we will do our best to make them great. But first read this.Interested in Ontario's past? Visit Mike's Ontario Ghost Towns and Abandoned Places. This site features many interesting stories about forgotten towns in our province, including Sellwood and Milnet. (Lots of photographs.)

Capreol People Stories

Capreol Sports Stories

If you have a story to tell or have an idea for a story please let us know