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March 10, 20032
Adam SweezeyAdam "Addie" Sweezey

Adam "Addie" Gilmour Sweezey carried a high ranking revenue on the best trains, he was at his best and happiest on the Mixed Train no. 217. The mix ran up and down the 150 miles where all the stations are flag-stops and where folks depend on the railway and the railway men for the necessities of life. Outdated newspapers, a bottle of liniment, postage stamps of the mail order store, maybe a bottle of fly oil or an emergency nipple for a baby bottle.

Addie as he was called had an average of 40 mins shopping to do in Capreol and Foleyet to fill his list. When this facet of his service was pointed out at the party at McKee's camp five days after his last run, Addie's comment was, Aw, that's a lot of bunk. Over 50 years a railroader Addie came to the C.N.R. in 1913 as a trainman, after several years of service with another line. On his final trip, his three sons worked the train with him Gilmour was assistant conductor, Don and Ron were brakemen

Addie also had his old friend Robert Glasgow, of Time Magazine, with him to record his last run on May 31 1955. When Conductor Adam "Addie" Gilmour Sweezey retired, all the good deeds of his past caught up with him. Newswriters notably those of Time Magazine, and the Toronto Star, covered the story of the railroad man who had become a legendary figure on the C.N.R, train no. 217 in Northern Ontario.

Adam Sweezey has been nominated to the 2003 Railway Hall of Fame.

Alex Nepitt