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December 1, 2002

Back row from left to right: Allan Campbell, Keir Kitchen, Brad Jones, Jerry Gorman, Chet Patterson, Dan Bushey, Dave Drake and Jason Proulx.
Middle Row from left to right: Rudy Mazzuca, Paul Mailloux, Ken Kauffeldt, Mike Lapointe,
Rick Kostianiuk, Gerry Sorel.
Bottom row from left to right: Terry Austin, Bob Gimpoli, Laurie Jones, Danny Sauve, Pete Gascon, and Sean Parsons.
In the early 70's, Gerry Sorel, then a teacher at St. Mary's School in Capreol, who enjoyed playing floorhockey after school with his students, decided it was time to organize a mens' floorhockey group for evening play. The original two conscriptees were Chet Patterson and, a little later, Paul Mailloux. Since 8 players are required for a game it was necessary in the early days to call upon students to fill the roster since it was difficult to find interested adults. Eventually more and more adults joined and fewer and fewer students were required, much to the chagrin of the latter.
In the mid 80's one of the players, Rudy Mazzuca, turned 50 and Gerry Sorel thought that anyone who could sustain the gruelling pace of floorhockey at age 50 should be rewarded with the N.H.L. jersey of his choice with the number 50 displayed along with the player's name. So on a floorhockey evening closest to Rudy's 50th birthday the sweater was presented to him in the dressing room, pictures were taken and a celebration ensued. The tradition has continued to this very day, and there are now 13, #50 sweater recipients. Only 6, however continue to play the game.
A couple of years ago a new milestone was reached. Laurie Jones was presented with his #60 jersey after a floorhockey series in which Laurie was an active competitor at age 60.
Alex Nepitt