April 6, 2007

CAPREOL, ONT., DEC. 7, 1950 — At approximately 1:20 a.m., Dec. 4th, sleepy citizens of Capreol were aroused from slumber by the fog-horn whistle of a diesel-electric locomotive, which was operated on Manifest Train No. 405, leaving Toronto of Winnipeg, Saturday morning, Dec. 3rd.

This locomotive consists of three units having 4,500 h.p. and a continuous trac­tive effort of 96,000 pounds. It is the property of General Motors Corporation and is on loan to the Canadian National Railways for test purposes.

It will operate on its first trip from Toronto to Winnipeg, and return, in freight service. The present intention is that it will then be used on Trains No. 1 and No. 2 between Montreal an( Winnipeg, where tests will be made of this type of equipment in passenger service under the severe winter condition existing throughout Northern Ontario.

The capacity of this locomotive is such that fuel is only required about every 500 miles. Between Toronto and Winnipeg refuelling will only be required twice namely at Capreol and Nakina. When the locomotive is used in passenger service water will be required for steam heating a each terminal spaced approximately 150 miles apart.

It is expected that on the initial trip of this locomotive in freight service, it will he given a train load of 4,000 equate( tons between Capreol and Winnipeg.