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2 minute tech: What's 4K / Ultra-HD?
Tech zealots have been trembling in awe for a while when uttering these to words: 4K and Ultra-HD. You may have heard that this is a new standard for TVs and computer displays. Read on to learn what the fuss is all about and whether you should jump on the 4K bandwagon now! more

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How do you make that battery last? What are the essential tips for saving smartphone battery life that will see you through the day?

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Every single Internet Explorer at risk of drive-by hacks until Patch Tuesday FIFTY-SEVEN gaping holes closed this month.
Microsoft has lined up a bumper Patch Tuesday this month to snap shut a backbreaking 57 security vulnerabilities in its products.
Five of the 12 software updates addressing the gaping holes will tackle critical flaws that allow miscreants to execute code remotely on vulnerable systems. more

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10 ways to save money on tech in 2013 more
But how do we spend less on technology itself -- that digital drug we can't seem to get enough of? How can we save money on electronic gadgets and services ... so that we can buy more gadgets?