June 21, 2011
Please e-mail us your memories of Capreol
Ray Boudreau remembers

Hi Gary.

This is my personal showdown time, I suppose, as I have commented in the
past and just last week slipped into Capreol to grasp something long
overdue. Several times now have I read these postings here and I find many
of these negative remarks appear quite overdone to say the least.

Yes, I am now an outsider looking in, but don't judge me unqualified to
express an opinion, as I most certainly am. I have lived the depression
hard times beginning in a little cottage on stilts at the Atlantic shores of
New Brunswick followed with but more of the same in Capreol. Outdoor
plumbing in blizzard weather was as normal as the black bears stealing
chickens and garbage burned on the ground outside, that garbage being mostly
chicken feathers as we never had enough food to have garbage waste as such.
On the ultimate reprise I have lived in the metropolis area of Boston and
Chicago. If I were to say I have lived the best of both worlds, I still
would be confused for knowing which world was best, but would have no
hesitation to indicate where I miss the most.Capreol, yes.!

And so, my slip into town was far beyond my expectations and I discovered
all those rants and raves mentioned here appear to be more about people just
blowing off steam.

Just as one approaches Capreol.has anyone noticed how strong the odour of
the Spruce trees are.? Where on earth elsewhere could be found Spruce that
produce such a sweet odour.it's beautiful.it's mesmerizing, and with me, it
turned the clock back seventy years. Would some people prefer the air to
smell in downtown Boston or Chicago.?

Where in dickens are those potholes at the turn into town.? They were
described as if a person driving would be rutted into a ditch, for gosh
sakes. I would challenge anyone to drive downtown Windsor and compare.!
The roads could use some attention yes, but are definitely not a disaster,
that's for sure.

I looked at every single gravestone in the cemetery. They are beautiful. A
person does not need a resting place as like a landscaped golf course, but
just needs and undoubtedly wants, a home after passing over and a place for
family to express their moments of the past. Cemeteries in the big cities
won't allow flowers and personal articles on grave sites to remain and I
must add that never ever have I seen solar lamps at grave sites anywhere
until now. The cemetery offers something rarely found elsewhere and I am
proud to realize some of my family are at peace there.

As for all that left over railway.I doubt it to be gone any too soon.
Railway companies rarely do anything that shows no profit, that's for
certain. One would think that while the price of junk steel is high that
someone would be cutting up that forgotten metal and making good of it in
junk dollars.

The railway museum.? I was not expecting a world fair exhibition, but I
certainly was amazed to find such indepth reality of the early years and
that lovely girl guide was exceptional with her knowledge as well. The
displays excelled in duplication of the era intended.

Oddly enough, I stopped in Elkhart, Indiana when enroute to Capreol and
connected with a grandaughter whom joined me to see the railway museum there
in Elkhart. What a waste of time that was because most things antiquity
appeared to have been made of plastic. C'mon now, even plastic glasses
never came in use until the late forties. Then, outside the museum was a
disaster as it looked like a railroad grave yard and all the cars and boxes
were filled with junk, and I do mean real junk.

I wanted to see the first boxcar house, that of Donat and Ida Boudreau, my
aunt and uncle. I lived not far from there. I will agree, it can use some
cleanup and that could be done with proper intuitiveness, I assure you.
Those house lots were much too small, obviously, but did suffice in the era
they were established. It may take years for change but ordinances can be
created today to make that change happen if someone would take the
initiative to do it.

I found a newer development of homes as well. Is that not a sign of change
for the better.? One thing leads to another and there is no need for some
to feel Capreol has been left behind. I do think those streets are a bit
too wide, but that's not much of a problem except for maintainance

Thank especially you, Cecile Levesque and Shelley for your loving greeting
to a stranger and bringing more of the goodness of Capreol to light. I was
elited to meet both of you and to be able to pick up the pieces I had left

By the way, do improve on those ghost stories as tourists will really go for
that.WINK !

I could go on and on, but will spare my ranting. Instead I want especially
to thank so many that greeted me and even hugged this perfect stranger.
That little tavern type restaurant was a perfect conclusion before leaving

As an outsider now looking in and not back seventy years, the only thing I
have found wrong with Capreol is that her spirit is broken. That can be
fixed, but if most of the people feel they can sit at home and let someone
else do it.

..........................IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.!!!

God bless you all and God bless Capreol.

Ray Boudreau

My Field of Dreams -Oh Capreol, my Capreol, how I adore thee.
There beckons me when morn awakes

When rising sun shall raise the dew

The call for out my window seek

The awes that captivate, that bring the new.

While this moment may seem as all the other

Something deep within unveils new light.

Steadfast my view with quivered hand

Finds grasp while bear the sight.

There is beyond my thoughts may carry

Further yet thru fields so far

Find someone there of wait for me

That someone feels my heart ajar.

There is no path that lead me there

But of the love I yearn so strong.

Were she for me and I for her

I know it won't be long.

The sun arrays new life within

Each captured view now shows the means

Something there soon comes for me

Through my Field of Dreams.

It's Capreol

Ray Boudreau, Indiana

Marianne ]Linge] Harvey

My Capreol Memoires
Growing up in depression era Capreol, Ontario, Canada. I lived the first 13 years of my life in Capreol, 1925 to 1938, and this is the way it was then, as I remember it.

My father worked for the CNR as a Roadmaster's Clerk and was transferred to the Capreol office from Toronto in 1924 before I was born. It was the height of the great depression and his salary, like everyone's, was cut in half. We struggled financially. His name was John Linge – Anyone remember the 'Linge' family? There were 5 children at the time, Ailsa, Barbara, twins Ethel & Katie, and Bill. The CNR rented us a company house. It was a drafty, frame house, heated by the kitchen stove. I was born in that house. It was part of a row of several railway houses facing the river, on River Street, near the fire hall. Is it still there?

My mother was ill prepared for such hardships as chopping wood etc., after the luxury she was accustomed to in Toronto. She was not used to bitter winters and mountains of snow. Her varicose veins made climbing stairs difficult, so my dad had a bungalow built for us on the edge of town. Ours was the last house on Dennie Street with nothing but bush behind and beside us. The bush was mainly cherry trees - tiny pin cherries with a stone in the center. They were not really eatable, but we children used to munch on them, even though they were sour. Woodsmen cut down the cherry trees. There were abundant blueberries nearby and this was our mainstay as dessert during those depression years. My mother preserved them and we ate them winter and summer.

At night sometimes we could hear wolves howling and I was afraid to enter my mother's bedroom because her window overlooked the bush. We never saw a wolf, but we did see a bear once, not far from our home. My mother, in her English accent exclaimed, 'Great Scott, it's a bear!' My parents, being the only residents from England, found it was hard to fit in and did not feel comfortable with the generations of Capreolites.

My father used his train pass to holiday in Ste. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec, and we frequently used our 7 passes to visit Toronto on weekends.

SCHOOLS – There was a Public School and a High School. I attended the Public School right through to Grade 8 and still have my certificate of graduation. The principal was Mr. Judd and he ruled with an iron hand. He had a strap he called 'John Henry' which he carried at all assemblies. We were afraid of him, yet he seldom used it. We dreaded entering Grade 8 since he would be our teacher, but soon discovered he was very nice after all.

My siblings attended the High School. Ethel was so unhappy in Grade 11 that she persuaded my parents to allow her to go to Toronto for Grade 12 and stay with our older sister, Ailsa, who worked there. Ethel later became a nurse. My other siblings never complained about the school. I remember some of the Public School teachers. Miss Murphy taught Primer Class, Miss MacQuary, Grade 5, Mr. Armstrong, Grade 7 and Miss Barrow taught Grade 3. Does anyone else remember them?

FRIENDS – Mrs. Gibson lived across the road and visited my mother for morning tea, each day bringing all the latest news of the town. She had a telephone. Few did. Mother visited Mrs. Daley, Mrs. Letts, and Mrs. Butler. The twins, Katie and Ethel, hung out with the McLeod twins, Murdock and Jimmy. They had an older brother, George, who was a friend of my brother Bill. Their sister, Audrey, was accomplished on the piano and sometimes played the organ in church. My sister Katie's best friend was Muriel Daly, who became a nurse.

I played with the Campbell family – Doris, my age, Frances and Rita, who was a little younger. Their older brother Donald, was a friend of my brother and they kept in touch the rest of their lives. My brother Bill was also friends with Blair Gibson. I had a crush on Rene Gour, and was friends with his sister, Eileen. I also hung out with Rodney White who I swam with. He visited my house and my brother liked him, got him interested in classical music and I felt left out. I have photographs of some of these people. I have one of Rodney and one of Rene. I will bring them to Capreol.

ENTERTAINMENT – We had a record player, card parties, seasonal sports, church functions [dances], and the movie theatre which showed 2 movies per week. There was poor radio reception, mostly static, until Sudbury got a station around 1936. CKSO were the call letters and a 25 foot long wire aerial was required outside for any reception.

CHURCHES – There were 4 churches that I remember. Catholic, Anglican, Baptist and United. The Catholic church was never finished while I was there. It had a bell that rang 'The Angelos' every day at noon and again at 6:00p.m. This was a call to special prayer and also served as a time announcement. It was heard all over town. There was also a whistle that blew each work day at 12:00 noon. to announce lunch time. We went home for lunch when we heard it. It was a railway whistle and intended for the workers. Does the whistle still blow?

STORES – There was a Dominion store, and a general store called Bertrands. Every day a man named 'Harvey' – who wore a pencil on his ear- would go to homes and take orders for groceries, to be delivered later by horse and wagon. In winter it was horse and sleigh. We children would often hitch a ride on the wagon or sleigh as it went around town. Few people had an ice box, so shopping was a daily necessity. There was another general store, a barber shop and a shoe repair store called Mazookys. There was Lena's clothing store where most of my clothes were purchased. Is it still there? I heard it was.

We found the liquor store fascinating as it's window was painted so we couldn't see in. Snow was not shovelled then– it was rolled. This made a flat platform in front of the painted window that rose with each snowfall until it was high enough for me to see in. What a disappointment it was to finally look in and see nothing. There was a skating rink and a curling rink. My dad curled.

It was always exciting when the Eatons and Simpsons catalogues arrived each season. We shopped a lot from these. Orders were delivered to Capreol by train and we would rush to pick them up. We spent hours browsing through these large catalogues.

POLICE – We had one police officer and a police station. There was also an RCMP officer who resided in town and his job was to chase the hobos from the freight trains which slowed as they approached the town. He was the famous Red McCann who was well known among the hobos. They feared him. We were told he shot a man once. The hobos were mostly homeless young men who rode the rails, saw the country and looked for work. They would beg for food at houses and mother would offer them lunch in exchange for chopping wood, which they did. We got a dog because my mother was nervous as some of these men were not so nice. We sent for a Chow dog from Ste Anne de Beaupre, Quebec where a friend raised them. We named him 'Togo'.

DOCTORS – Dr. Lacy and Dr. McLean were the medical doctors and the dentist was Dr. Neeble. Dr. Lacy successfully re-attached mothers' thumb after a wood chopping accident.

ROCKS – There was a rock where we swam known then as 'The Boy's Rock'. It was secluded and the boys often swam naked or changed into their bathing suits there. We would not dare to go near it. There were two high rocks behind our street and we called them the 1st rock and the 2nd rock. We played there all the time but only on the 1st rock. The boys claimed the 2nd rock as theirs.

We spent a lot of our summer days picking blueberries. We would take a lunch and go up the hills for the day. It took all day to pick a 3 pound lard pail that we could sell for 10 ¢ to passengers on their way to Toronto. We saved our money for the Toronto Exhibition which was in August. Most of the families were railway workers, and had passes for the trains. We used ours to go to the Toronto Ex.

Few people had cars. Those who did would go to Ella Lake for picnics. It was still undeveloped. Once a year the town would have a picnic and the railway would provide a free train to get us there. It was still quite a walk when we got off the train but we didn't care. It was a big event.

TORONTO – Being from a small town of 2200 where I knew just about everyone, it was a shock for me to be in a big city where I knew no one. I was plunged into an enormous high school and tried to make friends with girls I had nothing in common with. I survived!

These memories and impressions are those of a 12 year old. I may be wrong about some facts but this is my story. Now, my children have expressed their wish to visit Capreol, having heard about it all their lives. On the weekend of August 21, 2009, we are planning to visit the place where I was born... the place which is dear to my heart. Out of six, there are but two of us left – Barbara, 92 years old, who is a missionary nun in Australia, and me, Marianne, the youngest, who resides in Toronto.

I have included our itinerary for anyone who would like to come and visit with us while we are in Capreol.

Friday Aug. 21st, 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Fish Fry @ The Legion # 179

Saturday Aug. 22nd, 10:30am
Brunch @ M&R Grill, Capreol (705) 858-2925
After brunch it's site-seeing with Marianne
A relaxed trip down memory lane'
A 6:30pm Dinner @ the Round House in Capreol (705) 858-6111
We'll be having a farewell lunch @ Perkins Travelodge in Sudbury.

Garry Milks

Just wanted to share some of my fond memories I have growing up in good,old Capreol. I'm certain these thoughts will be shared by a pretty large group that grew up in the 50's, 60's.....

The "River", Big Rock,Elephant, Indian, the underwater islands
Swimming underwater to the Island
Green's Lake, tubing the rapids ( not for the faint of heart)
Fishing at the Swinging Bridge, Burnt Bridge,Foot Bridge and The Iron Bridge

Climbing up to Crow's Nest
Skinny-dipping at Long Lake (behind Crow's Nest)
Riding our bikes to Ella, the campground and sandy beach
Nepitts' farm and riding the horses
Ralph and the "pool room" gang
Stan and the "chip stand" on the main drag
The 7:00 Sunday night show at the Audion Theatre
"1/4 miles" at the Jack Pine Stretch
Del Papa's store and "3 for a cent" candy
Riding the "herd at the "stockpens"
Chips & gravy at Chow's Café, Richard Chow’s favorite expression “You pay
Mr. Nesbitt and his refurbished bikes for sale
Mr. Quackenbush and his rides around town in the old "T"
Being a "rinkrat",
Friday night skating
Pea shooters
Riding the floats in the Capreol Parade
Skiing at the ski hill before there was a lift
Dances at the arena

The list is endless!

Bonnie Dennie (DeCaria)

We lived in Norman "the other side of the tracks" . My parents Joe and Nancy Dennie (deceased), siblings Annie ( married Lloyd Bean) Joe, Max. Morgan and Helen. We moved to Toronto in 1963, I was only 11 years old.. We did have a lot of family there so we visited often.

I remember my Dad clearing space at Norman beach for us to skate and him building huge bonfires, cooking hot dogs and serving hot chocolate to anyone who showed up. Most of all I remember Norman public school and my teacher Jim Coleman , who was the most remarkable man and had the great desire and compassion to reach out and help . I know this Teacher ,wherever he is will be on God's list of " greatest accomplishments". This was a teacher who took the time to make a difference in a child's life.

he aroma of My mother's home made bread as we walked home from school,playing in the sand pits , crossing the baseball field to go "downtown" for fries and gravy at I think it was called Chow's. My Aunt
Helens fudge on Halloween , all the kids made a beeline to her door. My cousin "Sister "(Chrissie Menzies) taking me along with her on some of her dates . Mrs. Lynn, our school principal, and the orphan cub my Dad brought home to nurse and care for, the day he took the cub to school for show and tell.

Iva Rose my best friend, Shelly Hamilton , where are you now? Swimming at Norman beach every summer and jumping off high dive. Steins store and the ice cream cylinders wrapped in paper for 10 cents.. Dragging water up the hill from Way's well in the winter when all the pipes froze. Jumping off
our garage roof into the snow that seemed like a mountain.So many memories of that little town.
Bonnie Dennie (DeCaria)
Woodbridge, Ont.

Owen McGinn

I remember sitting on my parents fence on Sellwood Ave watching all the hot cars
going out to Jack Pine 1/4 mile to race, and later making a few dollars myself on my
bikes. The summer swimming lessons at the water front (man was it cold, my knees
still chatter thinking about it), the old Lake Shore is gone and replaced with a
dike (mistake) but that was the place, to be. Many parties were planned or happened
their. Ella Lake is an especially fond memory, my father was Stan McGinn, he was the
quite guy who put up the newer canteen and play ground, care taker during the 70's
He and a few other, with the help of a whole lot of boys built and donated a camp
called Camp McGinn to kids. At one time Capreol was all about our youth, winter
carnivals with dog sled races, Canada Days with fireworks, they still have the Santa
Claus parade ( get rid of the beer and wheels , while the kids go to see Santa and
get a bag of candy) Capreol will always be a part of me and yes Dean your right "
You can take the boy out of Capreol, but you can't take Capreol out of the boy" This
was the Best Place to grow up. I would like to especially thank two families who
took on the role of Grandparents after we moved back to the area from Toronto. Roy
and Ilene Thompson. Sheldon and Logan sure enjoyed the rides in your three wheel
bike, going sliding or just walking and talking and Andy Nadon and his deceased
wife Jean my kids had an opportunity to have what is needed to make them what they
are today. These community spirited people are what make Capreol Great.

Catherine Costain (Miles)

I spent only 5 years in Capreol, from 1972 to 1977 - I left after high school
graduation. Although I was quite shy at that time, and probably missed out on a few
good parties, I have some great memories - hanging out with Shelley and Cathy
Lingard, Wendy Coulson, Anne Stitson, Jean Gamble, and Kim Harbar, camping at Ella
Lake and the first taste of independence, high school basketball, volleyball, track
and softball with my sisters Barb and Laura, drama with Mr. Albert, math class with
Mr. Cook and Mr. Williams, Physics class with Mrs Jones. O.K. I realize these may
not be great memories for some of you...

I also remember well the summer of '74 when I was 14 - spent walking in the wooded
areas around town, going to the beach and playing piano with Jane Sorel. The last
summer of childhood before boys came into focus. And the 1977 Capreol High School
graduation pool party at B.J Hamilton's house - simple and innocent (thanks B.J,
wherever you are). What a contrast to today's graduation excesses.

I now have a 13 year-old daughter and 11 year-old son. We've been fortunate to be
able to raise them in a terrific community in Ottawa. Hopefully their memories of
this time in their life will be as good as mine.

Catherine Costain (Miles)

Susanne (Frozel) Tessaro
One of my earliest memories of Capreol was old Mr. Chapman who used to take children around for rides in his horse and buggy. His garage used to be where Martins variety store was beside the water tower.
Ah, those were such simple times. How things have changed. I also remember playing in the old caboose. And, of course, who could forget PEANUTS, the old town drunk!!. I sometime wish that I could go back in time and live the memories all over again.

Kaye Edmonds:

Well,my memory is a big one.I grew up not knowing my father's family.In my thirties I went there for a Prescott family reunion,it was wonderful.Met my Grandmother Prescott,my Aunts,my Uncles,oh my,so many of us Prescott's,grin.

Gloria Greta Porter

I stumbled across your website tonight and couldn't believe the first
posting I read. This I believe is my long lost Older Sister - Candice
Natalie Kalenuik.

Life for me in Capreol unfortunately did not end happy. Although I had some
memories of Capreol, the last memory age 9 was a life changing event. We
lived at 31 Lincoln Crescent, and until July of 66 were a truly happy family
of 11, (MOM Guelda, DAD Nicholas and then 9 kids Vaughn, Linda, Candice,
Ronald, Michael, Greta (me) Rosanne, Paul and Timothy). We woke up on a
Monday (I believe) morning to be told our mother was dead, for me this was
the day our FAMILY ceased to exist. Lost was the innocence needed, gone was
the laughter and hugs, siblings spirited away not to be seen for 7
months, no time was given to us to grieve together, mourn and mend. I won't
say that just my mothers death has caused the breakup, but even a semblance
of life before that never returned. If any of my other still living, out of
contact siblings, stumble across this, know that never have I stopped
thinking of each and everyone of you. Pictures I have been able to scrunge
up dress my tables, nooks and dressers. Love if not family still exists for

Thank you for allowing me to finally write about feelings so long buried.

Gloria Greta Porter, nee Kalenuik

Candy Carty

I was thrilled to find Capreolonline; thanks for taking the time to publish this
page. I have very fond memories of Capreol. Propably because it was the last place I
felt completely safe. Life was calm and every-one knew you could count on your
neighbor in time of need. The outside world didn't touch us much. The teachers I
remember most were: Mr. Telenko and Mr.Deneka. My friends included: Merilee
Markland,Janice Armstrong,Judy Radcliffe, Deb.&Dianne Beaupre',Shirley Gibson,Nancy
Studder&Christine White as well as others. Guys I had crushes on Terry O'Rouke,Randy
Presscott and Jack McCauley. If any-one knows the where-abouts of Merilee Markland
please let me know.

Candy Carty (Kalenuik)

I lived at 31 Lincoln ST. now in London Ont.

Thanks again for the memories.My best to all.

Graydon(Grady) Markland

Helena, Mt.

My Memories of Capreol.

Swimming in the river, french fries in a cone with salt and vinegar. french fries and gravy at Chou's. Blueberries and climbing trains to cross the tracks. Alan Young, Linda Johnson and Joan the bone Marshall (a wonderful person to have on the other side of a spinning bottle). Still thankful to Vicky Lusk for sqelching a scream of pain when I stupidly in teasing held the point of my compass too long under her bottom in Mr. Judd's eight grade class and she sat on it. He would have killed me.

Nickel pool games at the WMCA. then pea pool for 10 cents and a quarter at the pool hall. Alex Macmillan and his rolling stones. The Gryschuks and Terry's mother's wonderful Ukranian food. First love, Hey Jude at the prom with Patricia Johnson when she was and will be remembered as the most beautiful young woman in the world. A painful parting to a life in Montana and a lingering question. Why did I never hear about Jesus Christ while growing up in Capreol.

Cheryl Parent (Swartz)
Windsor, Ontario
The Christmas week we stayed at the Arlt's house and snowmobiled all that week. It was great.

Bonny (MacGregor) Walsh
Capreol Ontaro.
I was reading some of the Comments. When I stumbled across Lynn Paul`s ,Joan Currie's, & Rick Villeneuv's. As I was one of the gang in the summers. Remembering Paul Petrie's Garage and the Paul's back-yard where we all hung-out ! I moved to Windsor when I was 9, coming home every summer to stay with my Grandmother (Mrs. Dorothey Adams). Moved back 5 years ago now. Looking forward to the Reunion this summer. Hope to see some of the Old Gang again. Kim McInnis , Bill Leduc, the girls and many more .

Pat Johnson

Toronto, ON

I remember catching frogs with Larry and Gary Gray in the river in front of our house. I remember going up to the river for swimming lessons when I was bout five and refusing to put my face in the water and coming home. I remember the day the show price changed from 15 cents to a quarter. We went to the Audion show with my cousins, Robin, Geoff and Erica and my mother had had to scrouge around to come up with the money.

We all had a quarter, 15 cents to get in and 10 cents to spend which bought a 5 cent pop and a 5 cent popcorn except that day we were short of money and Robin had only 15 cents but Mrs. Billsborough let him in anyway. But the rest of us had to go without treats. We lived right behind the movie theatre so in the scary parts I used to go home and sit on a chair by the kitchen door and then go back to the movie.

It was always rattle snakes in westerns, or alligators in Tarzan or the menacing sound of drums, meaning the natives were going to attack. I took my little sister to her first movie when she was about three and I remember my first "date" the summer after grade 8, going to see Bambi with a boy. I had on a yellow mohair sweater with a yellow shell, yellow stretchies and Yellow sneakers. I bought
most of my clothes at Lena's. I used to go in on my way home from school, try new outfits on and then phone my mother who worked at the town hall and then I would say to Edna or Lena or whoever, "Put them on the bill."

I also remember going toDelPapas. I think I went the first time on my own with Lenny McLaughlin to return pop bottles for money, I was about 3 and he was 5. What a revealation, before that I had no idea pop bottles could be turned into money, nothing short of a miracle.

I also remember in high school going in to Delpapa's and getting the girl behind the counter to check and see if Jimmy Ireland was in the pool hall and later about 1968, if Graydon Markland was there. Life certainly seems more complicated today.

Joan Currie (Gibson), Belleville Ontario
I remember being one of the few kids whose dad wasn't a railroader! Playing Barbies with Shanlee Clark, the girls side and the boys side at Capreol Public School, everyone in the halls and on the stairs, each class with a different carol the day before Christmas vacation started, my best friend Diane Davies all through school, babysitting and becoming friends with Joanne, Lynn and Donna Paul, walking to my first day of work at the Railroad, the beginning of a 30 year career that began in the Mailroom, the sound of the yard at work that you can hear no matter what part of town you live in, the feeling that starts about the Suez crossing every time I come back of familiarity and belonging, that no matter where I live, this will always be home.

Rick Villeneuve, Toronto
comment: I remember many good things about Capreol. Going
to jack pine stretch and watching the drag raceing. Spending weekends with me and Kim McInnis
at west bay camps with Charlie and his brothers.
Picking blueberries and selling them at the train station.
There's to many good times to remember. There is one thing though, would be a nice place to retire.

PS I just want to say Hi to all my friends that I grew up with back in the great 70's

Gilberte Bertrand, Val Caron
Let's see. .
My best memory of Capreol is taking a train to Ottawa, it was an emergency.
Well I got on the train & the car I was assigned had no heat: it was a cold winter.
I rolled up in my sleeping bag & toughed it out.
I never forgot that train trip.

Doug Prescott, Windsor
Where to start...left 'my hometown' at 17..My dad got me out of bed oneday...says you're on the railroad as a signal-helper...let's go...became brakeman 18th birthday...went to Stratford with Dave Colasimone (glad to say...now he's a connection to the Prescott clan) and Tim Morris on loan to the 'south' ..I stayed...they went home. BUT...I've never left my roots of Capreol. Fun years at Capreol High (not as many as Rags)great teacher ... Mrs. Gilbert...Mr. Beckett...Bing Patterson..where are yah big guy....the great 'cold ones' at the Riv with Rags..the fun down at the 'river'...Santas Clause Parades ...the Winter Carnival and the antics of Billy MacLeish....and of course 'bloody cold winters with big... big snow banks. The pride of this little town and friendships I left behind so long ago....miss you'all and my 'hometown'..sorry to hear there won't be a reunion....maybe next year eh!! Thanx...(Heather's little brother..#10 from the top of Prescott's)

Heather Hopps(Prescott), Collingwood
What I remember was the close frindship we had with each other. Hockey games, baseball,playing in the parks, hanging out at the river ect.ect. We had great teachers.One police officer,People who ran the town cared. Small comminity but everybody knew each other. Car racing by a few wild fellows from town from Hotel down town to Hanmer and back. Wonder who remembers that.
I love the sound of the trains when ever I hear them blow the whisle(nothing like the Steam Engine) which many a house wife hated when the wash was on the cloths line.I was a Bell Telephone Operator and called many a home to give the fellows their wake up calls at home at night.
It was a great little town to grow up in. I left at 18 and always will call CAPREOL my HOME TOWN. As I read the letters it sure brought back many a Happy Memery.
Thanks Folks. Heather Hopps (Prescott)

Neil Train, former resident ofCapreol Ontario
Hey!! The Capreol Hotel, weekends, Bands-Dancing-Singing, [smoking] I said tobacco only, everyone were great to each other, my Dad Neil/theCape & Bobby Mazzuca's Riviera Hotel/theRiv respected each others commodities, their customers, we/theCape bought our oil off Bob....Norman Tswp., was Capreol, respect...The Capreol Canadian Legion, was well the ''LEGEND''. I/Bud was havin' trouble growing up, it was a battle....I was born above Dragos'Department Store; my Dad Neil delivered me at 5 in the morning, & he was called to ''Conductor'' a freight. Great ol' Capreol... Nepitts, Lepkies...& the list goes on & on. All my wife/Karens & my greetings,
Neil I.Train, bud. WELL RETIRED!

Dan Hutchins
I remember the season I spent as a member of the Capreol Hawks Jr A hockey club back in 1985. It was definitely my most memorable season in hockey. I remember the highs of winning games with an unheard of 8 players in a Junior hockey game and then the lows of a great organization folding before seasons end unable to field a team to stay competitive. It was hard to think that a small town like Capreol would be able to support that caliber of hockey for as long as it did but I am proud to say I was a member of the Capreol Hawks.

The mystical trees that lead us to our independence as a young teenager. Amongst the trees most of us had our first encounter with childhood sweet hearts. First the glance, the feeling of anticipation, the sporadic beating of our hearts, the carving of our names in a tree surrounded by a heart, that was to be a symbol of everlasting love. Then the first kiss with no one around to watch except for the trees. The exploring of the forest, oh yes then the exploring of each other. Oh if the trees could talk.
The later years brought the pit parties, and once again if those trees could talk we would have all been grounded for life. There was no going to the malls, just a bike and the trails was all we needed. The beach where we all challenged our fears of swimming to the rock, than as we grew braver the challenge of the rapids. The adrenaline of fighting the waves from taking our ever lasting breath. Than as we grew older the ultimate challenge of the jumping from Baby and Elephant with our friends cheering us on.
We did not need drugs or alcohol to feel a rush. Friends were ever lasting, not a care in the world. The joy to be alive in the vast surroundings of a tiny town. To know that you could stop by a friend s house for comfort when it was two houses away. The amazing deep personal talks that you had with your best friends that understood you in your surroundings, do they have this in the big cities?
Do we know what we really have in a small town?

Dean White, Capreol
You can take the boys out of Capreol, but you cannot take Capreol out of the boys!

Carolyn Henry, Coldwater Ont.
The memorys that I have of Capreol are the people of our little town meeting us on the street and giving you a big hug or a hi how are you. My friend Jane Berube (Smith) and all my family I miss them being there when I visit most of all my george where i met and married.

Lauraine Dagenais, Southern Ontario
Valley girl who lived for those Capreol Arena dances of the 60's. They were great. A lot of folks I haven't seen since then. Went to one Capreol Days reunion many years ago and caught up with a few buds. When's the next reunion?

Alyssa Beauchamp, Calgary via St. Catharines
comment: Things I remember.....
-Mr Wilson and Mr Leroy calling me "Bubbles" (don't ask)
-The ski hill
-Being too scared to swim out to that rock at the beach with the diving board on it
-Finally being allowed to take the bus to Sudbury by myself
-Senior prom with my date and then boyfriend Dave Colasimone... I got to go in the Mustang!
-Big "A" hanging out with "Little K" (Kathleen Ovens)
-Watching the boys play hockey at the arena
-St. Mary's Elementary
-Going to Penny Pinchers candy store with Tara Lee
-How much I hated moving away again.....

Brian Stevens Calgary
Capreol Hawks Hockey,and all friends I grew up in Capreol and going to High School in Garson-Falconbridge.

Buddy Way, Mattawa, On.
Weekends at the old hotel. Lots of action and great drinking friends. Then going to the Riv. to watch the hockey games with Bob and the gang. Those were the days Capreol was alive great hockey teams and ball teams. Great people and a fun town.

Jo-Anne (McGinn) Degabriele, Bolton, Ontario
My family - the Ways and the McGinns. C.R. Judd, Garnet Surch, Leo Trusz, Leonard Gilbert - the best teachers who ever lived. Elaine Spence, my childhood friend - may God keep her safe. Sylvia, Anita,Betty and Addie, my teenage friends. Butch McKinley, my first love. Swimming in the river, swimming at Norman Beach and picnics at Ella Lake. Mary Bean's and Chow's restaurants, our hang outs. Meeting the Edmonton Eskimos and their fans giving out Eskimo pies at the train station while on their way to the Grey Cup game, picking pincherries and blueberries, Sbrega's Ladies and Men's stores, Drago's, the hockey and baseball games. . . and on and on and on. All lovely memories!

Karen (Del Papa) Pagliaroli, Simcoe, Ontario
I have a "few" memories I'd like to share ... over time, and I'll take the liberty of using actual names in these memories!
The first few memories I'll share took place during the years I worked at Del Papa's Confectionery - I had a lot of fun there and it was a great place to meet up with friends. Hopefully they'll make those who were there smile.
I remember getting into "trouble" for giving Brian Martin (Nairb) too many red jujubes!
I remember asking Eric Peterson, more than once, not to read the comics unless he was going to buy them!
I remember peeping through the little door that opened to the pool hall to see if "certain guys" were in there! They usually were.
I remember the "girls" having the pool hall one Sunday afternoon and listening to the Beach Boys sing "I Wish We Were All Capreol Girls!".
That's it for now.
Sue (Scott) Needle, Cobourg
Capreol has a lot of wonderful memories for me while I was child. My family consisting of my Father William E. Scott, my Mother Muriel Scott, siblings Nancy (Scott) Horner, Norma Scott, Berylanne (Scott) Carisse, John Scott, Sharon (Scott) Morin, and Stephen Scott. We thought nothing of bundling up in the winter to make snow forts in the drifts that covered our yard. Body snowploughing on the way to school, hockey, figure skating and the winter carnival. In the spring we watched the snow melt and played marbles. The bugs in the spring would pick us up and carry us away. We had baseball all summer, hiking to the falls, swimming in the river and blueberry season. During all seasons my family built homes - most of which are in Capreol. During certain stressful times in my life I have thought fondly back to my childhood. Wouldn't it be nice to be so carefree and living in Capreol again.
Mike MacDonald wrote:
Best memory of Capreol ?
Just curious...
What do people remember most about Capreol ?
or even what is their best memory ?
Capreol days was always fun events always stuff going on with things to do.
Also id say doing stuff on Saturdays in and around town with my dad 'Cracksy'..
Nancy Grichen, Gatineau, QC
The shack...spitting sunflower seeds all over the floor, wrestling, seances, drawing pictures on the walls
- having my friends in a circle whistling with crackers in our mouth at my birthday party, sliding down "murder mountain" and skating on the pond
- going to see 2 movies for $3.00 and then Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight
- snowmobiling down the river
- jumping off of the high dive at Norman beach
- the best blueberries in the world, free for the picking
- eating chinese food at Faye's
- growing up in a great small town with the best friends, some of which I'm still in touch with today
Christopher Cater, Oakville
Man I have so many memories of that place.
I lived there the longest I've ever lived anywhere in my life.
Being on the ski team, going to school, building forts in the woods.
OH! You can't forget picking blue berries. I haven't been back in over 10 years, I think now.
Terry Ayerst, Capreol
Hmmmm...many memories, where to start, Sue and Simon's poolhall, I'm sure there are a few that remember them, lol. Down at the ROCK, what a gathering place. Parties at Gagnon's, Scott Robinsons, the ski-hill. We were even old enough to hang out at Mary Bean's restaurant for awhile. The arena was also a favorite hangout for us, not that we watched much hockey, mainly to get warm. I'm still in touch with alot of my friends from the past; that's what keeps us so young, remembering all the good times. Remember the carnival that always came to the arena parking lot, they were a blast. Ahh... the old High School, lots of memories of that place, sad to see that it didn't quite make it for our children who have grown up to go to. Hope I recalled some fond memories for others to remember. Thanks Capreol.
Elena Conron, Fort Erie
I think the best memory I have of Capreol was going to Del Papa's for a vanilla roll ice cream cone with my family on a Sunday evening. They dont make vanilla ice cream like that anymore. I also remember picking baskets and baskets of blueberries. It was always fun to go down to the stock pens and see what kind of animals had been brought in.
Lori Sweezey writes from Dundas
I have sooooooo many great memories of growing up in this wonderful little town. Too many to mention. I could not pick just one or two..........however i can tell you my worst memory, 'cuz it happened just a couple of weeks ago!!!!

My sister and I had some business to attend to up north. We're always happy to have an excuse to go back home. But somebody needs to tell me..........Why does this town look like crap now?!?!?!!? There was a time when the residents took great pride in a well manicured property! Flower pots and gardens that once displayed the great pride one took in their yards, have been replaced by old tires....cardboard boxes...garbage bags....junk!!!!! Sitting right outside the house!!!! In the front yard for all to appreciate!!!! Car parts, diapers, deep freeze's.....Come on people!!!!! It's not rocket science!!!! Put it where it belongs!!! In the garbage!! Cuz ur neighbours are sick and tired of looking at your crap! How your property looks, says alot about you. Get ur lazy ass outside and clean up after yourself! And even if you can't afford to plant a garden or a tree....surely you can find the time in your very busy day to pull yourself outta the fog your in, to clean up! Being broke does not give you the excuse to live like pigs!

Now this is not to say that every home in town is looking sad....there are still people who take pride in their places.....and you know who you are! But you slobs....you are taking my great memories of growing up in this beutiful, picturesque little town...and stompin' all over them! Yer killin' me!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!!!

Who started the fire at the stock-pens??? (circa 1974)...I know!!!!
Shelly Fletcher writes from Victoria BC:
Swimming in the river,my nickname was 'me diver'.Picking blueberries and eating them. Eating fries and gravy at the restauant by the theatre.Travelling by train from North Bay to spend time with my sister Shirley Paul,Tom,Joanne, Lynne,and Donna.Trying to solve the mystery of Old Gelome!!!on the creek behind Sellwood. Driving to Capreal with my mom when she first got her drivers license@64 yrs old.Learning to drive a standard car by the sand area.Eating to much bread and maple syrup while visiting.

Lynn Paul from Toronto writes:
I received an e-mail from my Dad telling me that my name was mentioned in the comments from "Memories of Capreol". After reading Ron Lebreton's comments (Hi Ron, Hope all is well)it brought back many happy childhood memories around that time when the gang all hung out together. As Ron mentioned, there was also Nooney Boyle, Ricky Villenuve, Kerry and Mike Edwards, Joan Gibson just to name a few. I remember hanging out daily in our club house (Paul Petrie's garage) Baseball games in the evening until Paul hit the ball. He always hit it over the fence and that was when the game was over. Parties etc. Memories I had almost forgotten about. Thanks Ron for making me remember! Thank you Capreol for the memories.

Christina Grichen from Gatineau, Quebec writes:
Bon-fire parties at the beach behind the farm I grew up on with all of my friends and my brother Gordon. Playing "monster" with my sister Barbara as the monster. Everyone coming up to the farm, cleaning off a huge part of the ice and skating for hours surrounded by torches. Playing tag in the snow behind Taylors' house on Hanna with Charlene Taylor, Beth Sparham, Al Wilson and friends. Hanging out at Pete and Paul Boudreau's place with friends and having smoked fish. Maurie Dubriel ... still love ya and we have all missed you so much. Driving dirt bikes with Mitch Villancourt and the gang.
Races on the 1/4 mile behind Capreol. Awesome fishing trips with Tina Kelly, Toto Proulx, Rene Demers and Shawn Kelly. My mom. Hanging out with the Roy family and growing up with them. Building a log cabin on the farm. Biking, hanging out with and cooking chili with Nikki Ewing. Hanging out with Connie Beck and her family (see Craig all the time ... am God Mother to his and Charlene's (Taylor) son Jacob!). All the great times at C.R.Judd and Capreol High ... school dances. Walking through the worst snow storms with my sister Nancy.
hose are just a few of the great memories I have of Capreol. There are just too many to list! And every time I come back to visit, I have more great times.
Tom Lennox from Oakville writes:
Just about every day at CHS...driving Mrs. Girard insane (thank you).
Mr. Empey's quirks (thank you again). 30hr famines. Wonderland trips, Miss Saigon and the hungover busride that followed. The Spice Girls incident.
Pit parties..nuff said.
Countless hours in front of Bubble Bobble at the arena...I can still remember the smell of that place.
Re-naming all the mountains, hill, rivers and creeks like we had just discovered them. Lost my shoe in the Lenthom River.
Real snowfalls. I can remember the drifts climbing up the sides of Martin's Variety when we lived there.
Sitting in Mr. Jones class, watching the tower being taken down piece by piece. the floodgates are opening...i could go on for days
Darryl McKee from Sudbury writes:
I am darryl mckee :)I am from the prominent well known mckee family. we love camping and we are a happy bunch of people and in the late 80s me and my dad who were from capreol from 1982 to 92 before he died we did everything together and it was camping at ella lake for years as a child and me and dad were the one on the green truck with the campercap on the back of it and those were great memories of my life with capreol thank you for letting me be a mckee
Gibby Ross (Madigan) from Windsor writes:
Leo Ross's sister left Capreol in 1955 . what I'm left in good memories is Diamond rest, we'd go in there and play the juke box and jive our hearts content. It was owned by Mary Beans. I loved the trains coming in and waving to the engineers. I love the mountains and the blueberries - mom was called the blueberry lady. She would meet the trains and sell them by the cup. Rose Ross/miss the chip wagon and the friendly people even if you didn't know them on the street you would say hello and they answered back, you don't get that in the city. I remember when downtown Capreol was busy with the Ivans drugstore and at the beginning of the school year we had to line up out side to wait our turn to get in and buy our school supplies , and i remember Barne's grocery store, the Lepkies and when Mr. Judd was principal; there was a lot of respect in the school with him. He was stern but well respected too. The swimming to the island at the river,the 25 cent theatre show owned by Bilsbourgh/the 5 cents Stedman's. It was the best years of the 50's that every one wishes they had, so go ahead Capreol take three cheers, you were great memories that are a legends of my time.
Jamie McBane from Barrie writes:
I don't remember, either .50 or .75 to get to the Saturday afternoon matinée at the theater downtown- walked up Hanna street through many snowstorms to get there but that didn't both me and my friends. Also remember playing in the CN cattle stock yard behind Crazy Rays variety store. Building cabins behind Hanna street and floating rafts in the dyke behind Mazzuca's car lot. We once built an "electric chair" out of an old car battery and wires on Gibsons front porch. That was hilarious...
Ann from London writes:
Swimming at the river is one of my fondest memories. It was even better before the town wrecked the beach by building the berm (is that how you spell it??). Guess it's better than flooded basements though. Our mom used to take us down there in the morning and she'd sit under the big tree and read a book. We'd go off and do our own thing all afternoon.
My mom and I walked past the beach when I was up there a few weeks ago. Someone needs to nag at someone to clean it up!! The beach in the middle of town is a gem that has turned into a cesspool. Nothing but goose droppings, the beach area needs to be dredged, there is no place to sit anymore....but I guess this is a place for memories, so I'll leave my comment at that.
Punch writes:
Well I have a lot of memories of the little town of Capreol. The sand pit trails near our house on Sellwood, playing street hockey in the winter with my brother and his friends, watching my brother and his friends again playing in a garage on Sellwood blasting the guitars and drums, watching the Capreol Hawks with the likes of Greg Telenko (goalie), Dean Gelinas, Doug Currie and the gang, downhill skiing, CR Judd dances.

I could go on and on, but I do have one memory that will never fade away.
I was the skip on the Capreol High School curling team and was voted MVP. Mrs Mckinley was our coach, I walked up, accepted the award and kissed her in front of the whole school...

So, for now, I would love to see more people post their memories and keep this thread alive. My parents and sister still live in Capreol and I venture out there once in a while; in fact I will be there tonight for my wedding reception... Thanks Capreol for the memories.
First Sighting of Santa Claus and the Little Town of Capreol ?
Cheers Mike,
You will be HAPPY HOLIDAYS to know that I am threading this thought for everyone to read aloud.
My first glimpse of Capreol came upon a passenger train after Midnight in the pitch black of morning. The foreboding impression of that experience melted away as I time tunnelled from the train car into a belt of fresh, cold air! My apprehension completely vanished as E.G., my Aunt . and I beamed over by automobile car to the comfortable confines of my Aunt .'s house...
Here, I aquired an appetite for models, big Christmas trees and Lemon Meringue pie! I can picture courting Cousins on the front porch, personally chaperoned by E.G., . and eyed by Craig!
Here comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus! Right down _____ _____ Lane!
Merry Christmas to Folks One and ALL...
Cheers Again Sincerely yours,
privately speaking...If the Rock on the Beach could Talk..., but alas the romantic nature of the Town recurs like Mistletoe Toe and Li!
Everyone Create a Happy New Year too! in 2006...
Three Cheers for The Little Town of Capreol...!
Had an unforgettable childhood there .... I remember amazing town spirit growing up... the Lions Club Capreol Days...the ball tournaments...smell of french fries and bbq's... the family dances on the arena ice surface with real beach sand and awesome live tribute bands... the Ella Lake Days... swimming lessons at the Capreol beach... figure skating...arena gravy burgers... biking freely with friends to swim at the beach... downhill skiing bonfires....sliding at German mountain... creating your own fun day after day...then as we got older...the first teen dance...the many teen dances...the arcade...Popey's Pizza...Combo C's... the Capreol high school formals... and yes, the pit parties...I miss it all.
Ked Dieter:
Well folks it has been a while ...
I would have to say that I really dont have any particular favourite memory as a child in Capreol but generaly I enjoyed the beach and diving off the springborad on the island. And as well I remember the li'l house I lived in at 12 ormsby ave. But I must say I will never as long as I live and breathe forget the massive Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth car lot kitty corner to my house. Yes Mazzuca motors and all those incredible cars will forever stick out in my mind, I have been a Dodge fan since i saw one of those ultra cool muscle cars for the first time. Also now that I think of it, I remember my old garage and how i used to take my guitar and amp out there and just crank it. Well some 35+ years later im still a guitar player and now as a carreer I repair guitars and musical instruments for a living.
Chris Gemmill:
Where to start? There are too many and I'll never do Capreol justice, but I'll try.
- Capreol Days (used to be the best party anywhere)
- X-mas parades
- snowball fights at C.R.Judd on a big mound of snow
- the tunnels at C.R.Judd
- being able to find a good fishing hole within 10 min
- Building cabins w/Neil Linklater behind Judd
- climbing the reflector and seeing our beautiful little town
- swimming downtown at the beach, rapids, or rocks
- sliding behind Judd, or at the ski hill
- playing softball w/ the guys
- not having to take a bus to school
- going home for lunch
- knowing all the kids on your street
- knowing your neighbours
- teen dances
- knowing everyone at your school
- knowing all your teacher's first names
- helping (and being helped) someone shovel their driveway
- going to the Mazzuca's on Halloween (always had the biggest candy bars)
- going to high school and knowing the seniors
- pit parties (if you remember me, then you know I never turned down a good pit party)
- cutting down the tree in my front yard for a pit party w/ Rob Charette and Dave Osinski
- burning all the doors from my basement for a pit party
- people showing up w/ tires and pallets for a pit party
- any (and all)Capreol High Grad party
- sitting on Craig Arlt's deck watching the day pass w/ a cold beer, and making the night come alive w/ a few more cold ones
- every teacher I had the pleasure of learning from, no matter how much I angered them
- I really mean EVERY teacher
- when I told the Sudbury Board of Education they were wrong, that they didn't care and they weren't welcome in our town.
- the honour of being the LAST student council president Capreol High ever had
Joanne:Best memory of Capreol ?
That just brushed away some cobwebs in my brain, the soft ice cream cones at martin's. I totatlly forgot about that.
Best memory of Capreol ?
I remember the ice cream at Martins... swimming at the beach .. beer tents at the ice rink .. bowling, my granmother's pool and sauna and the parties my aunts would have. CHristmas, summers, blueberries, partridge hunting ... etc etc etc.... too bad the town is slowly fading away. Its really too bad the town is fading away .. my family pratically all came from there and almost built the town .. my grandfather built the bridge going to the skihill. Even my great grandparents lived there .. such a shame !
Marg Morris:
Best memory of Capreol ?
Best memory was the street dances it was amazing the bands we use to get Edward Bear is one that stands out.
The winter Carnivals were always a blast.
The drags out mine road.
As a child hanging out down at the river with my friends.
hanging out at Reds pool hall...walking the streets to find out who was driving around and find a party..with Debbie Page.
Going down to the Riv and of course the Old. I was a ritual to find the who's who.
Ron LeBreton:
Best memory of Capreol ?
Camping at Ella Lake, Drag races on Milnet Rd at Jack Pine stretch. Walking the rail line to my grand fathers hunting camp. My friends Kim McInnis, Paul Pitre, Mark Lepki, the Paul girls Lynn and Joanne I think. If any of these people are still around tell them I said Hey! Miss them all. I lived there in the early 70's. Great place to grow.
Best memory of Capreol ?
Ron, you're aging yourself. The drag races at jack pine stretch were always amazing. I get back up there about 2 or 3 times per year and have to make a run out Milnet to see what time can be set. Not much has changed out there. Do you see much of Paul ? Haven't seen him in 30 years. Still pretty good fishing at teh rocks at Norman beach, you better love catfish tho.
Max MacDonald:
Best memory of Capreol ?
My mom, a McInnes gal, was born in Capreol. I have relatives on both sides of the family there to this day. Every summer for the first sixteen or so years of my life, we'd go up to Capreol from Ottawa, for a week to ten days. It was the highlight of my summer. I remember swimming to the island in the mighty Vermillion River, and in later years my brothers and cousins and I would jump off of "Elephant" and,if memory serves, "Snake." What a riot. I also recall my folks taking us kids to the dump up the Milnet road, just to see the black bears. That just twigged something in me... a couple of years ago I had named one of the hard drives in one of my Macs "Milnet." Guess I can't shake my roots...
In my 19th year I summered in Capreol and worked on the CNR as a maintainer's helper, prior to studying art in NYC in the fall... talk about your extremes. Some pretty crazy beer-filled nights that summer, though - certain cousins who shall remain nameless were my escorts in these dubious adventures into the world of northern Ontario libations customs. especially the trip to the Lodge at Lake Wannapitei... excuse my spelling if I botched it.
All in all, I have very fond memories of Capreol. Kudos to the various Mandryks, MacDonalds, Larmondins, McInnes and MacDonalds who graciously put up with the likes of us, year after year.
In the late 80s I returned to Northern Ontario to work as a tree planter. I was up in Manitouwadge, Kap, Upsala and a few other places. It was fun but Capreol remains the home of my favourite memories.
That was fun. Thanks for the chance to share.
Narda Bradshaw (Waldbrook):
Best memory of Capreol ?
I left Capreol in 1978. I was 10 and I have many memories of that little town. My brothers and I were out of the house at daylight and not back in until dark. I remember finally being able to swim out to the diving board at Capreol beach. What a rush! I remember snow forts, snow ball fights, cross country at CR Judd. I still have family there, though we are not in touch as much as we should be. It's been about 7 1/2 years since I was last back for a visit. I brought my son with me and took him down some of the trails that we used to travel. The blueberries were just as wonderful as I remembered. I've checked out this website a few times over the last year, and I was so happy to see it here. The Ella Lake pictures were wonderful and made me feel homesick.
Best memory of Capreol ?
I enjoy browsing through Capreolonline, and reading through the "Best memories of Capreol" I started to think back to all the times that I remember. I moved to Hamilton in '86 and don't get up there very often. But the memories are still there. Like the outdoor skating rink at Norman Recreation or in The Fram's yard. Snowmobiling in the school yard between Clyde and Frank street or by C R Judd. Swimming at Capreol beach and Norman beach. Tree forts in the trails behind C R Judd or the Reflector (always wondered what it was for). Double features at the Odeon. Tobogganing at the ski hill late at night. Public skating on Saturdays and Sundays. Picking blueberries.
I have a good memory and I am sure a lot of people will agree: "PIT PARTIES" you always had a good time after the bar when there was a pit party. Some people still have them the odd time, too bad they are still not rockin like they were back then!!!
Best memory of Capreol ?
We still had Pit Parties when I was in high school, and they were always fun. I was really shocked, though, at the age of some of the 'kids' that were attending! I was underage when I went to these things, and some of the people that I remember seeing there didn't even look like they were old enough to be out of grade school!
Back in the day,pit parties were awesome. People were so laid back and enjoyed everyones company. Now everyone just fights and argues about anything. Too bad. People are missing out on a good time !
Suzie Rivet (Demers):
I grew up in Capreol and loved the town. I love going back and visiting. The only things is it's changed so much. Not as much life there or people that we know. I recently was there for Thanksgiving to visit with my parents and familly. We had lunch at Rumors it was very nice and the food was great. I met with friends and it took me back down memory lane. It would be nice to see the town grow again to have a little more life and action. We took a stroll down Normand were I grew up and then downtown (what is left of it). The Capreol beach has changed so much. I could not belive that the IGA is closed. I guess people need to go to Hanmer now. That's too bad. We had fun back then at the Chinese restaurant were we would all meet, have coffee, put money in the Juke Box.....those were the good old days...I can say it's always nice to go back home and see the faces we grew up with. If there are any there just a sugestion it would be nice to have a reunion and meet again.
My email address is suzierivet@hotmail.com
Kevin Martin:
I remember having MrMacdonald as one of my teachers back in CR. Judd. during winter I would go over and shovel their driveway.
Swimming in the rapids and jumping off baby cliff into the water. (my friend Jesse Smith bashing his elbow open jumping off momma ).
Standing outside of Capreol highschool in protest right before they shut us down.
I still come and visit the odd winter to see my parents and family but most of my old friends left so the little town I knew faded away into a generation.
My email address is:oinyoxps@hotmail.com
Rene Demers, Brockville, On
I miss Capreol, the Pit parties, hanging out with friends till all hours of the morning, night fishing, Hanging out at the Riv and the Cape, then going to Fay's to eat her great food. Wow, i miss that. She use to look after us in a way, by feeding us even though we we're annoying her at times, she is a great person.
I miss Capreol days, hockey in the street, hanging out with Friends (toto, tina,Gord, christina, mich, and all my cn friends.
I miss passing out on the beach, camping at 3 1/2, Hunting at Milnet, and all that good stuff.
I remember being at Toto's place and having Terry ask his mom if I could borrow a quarter, and his mom was reaching in to give it to me, and I was telling her that it wasn't true, everyone laughed.
I remember playing cards with all the Proulx's, great time.
Darts at the legion, bingo's and pond hockey in normand with all our bunch, hanging out at the farm.
A lot of fond memories.
My email is Rezz006@hotmail.com if anyone wants to send me anything.
Have a great one Capreol, and we should all meet up some summer and have an old time party.
Jean-Marc, Gatineau
Well it's been at least 15 years since we moved away but the memories that I can still remember would be:
-sneaking in to the arena during hockey tourneys
-fishing,fishing and more fishing;surprised we din't empty the ponds and lakes lol
-7-up dances at Norman Rec
-Sliding with Bryan and Denis Jacques on Shane Mountain.
-Bowling Alley pizza subs
-swimming in the rapids
-Having to climb the ski hill everytime we slid down;got in at least 3 or 4 slides per night lol
-getting pulled on a GT behind skidoos (many wipeouts)
-going to West Bay Lodge on skidoo,loved those trails at night!!!
-parties everywhere all the time!!
-Santa Claus and Rememberance Day Parades
-Cubs,and Army Cadets
-The Chip stand at the Track.
-Building Cabins anywhere we could get wood and tools to.
-sliding at the Tower, that was a nasty hill
-playing hockey at Rob Gascon's or at the Frams.
-riding dirt bikes behind the cemetery.
-North River May Long Weekends.
-first job Sudbury Star paperboy, boy I hated collecting!!
-the beach, the arcade, Fay's fries, and Big Ray's convinience store, I'm sure we kept that place going with all the pops and chips.
-good times and a great childhood!!!
Nicky, Capreol
I remember all the good times in Capreol, when everybody used to get along. Everybody knew each other,all the beach parties,the house parties,after the Capreol hotel and the Riviera hotel was closed, we would all get together and party. I remember the Foucaults, the Coties,the Proulx, Grichens, that was the best time ever that I remember; they had a barn that we used to get together and have fun listening to music. So many families thatI can't even remember them all, but they were all good times, if we could turn back times oh man, if that barn could talk, lol, know there are so many new people in town but the ones that I've met are so awesome they're all so caring,and loving. But the best times when I used to call my friend well we all called her that crazy Debbie she was the craziest and so much fun to be with she would make everybody laugh, she knows who she is, I do love this town if we can get the whole gang and party again it would be great. Capreol does have good memories if we can keep it up, now its falling to pieces; its very sad, but if we would all get together we can all make a difference and get it back to the way it used to be.
John, Capreol
My best memorie of capreol is everything capreol rules!
Jessica G., Capreol, now Alliston

Since i don't live there any more every summer i remember and still go on a rock and watch the trains go by... we call it train rock. I also remember this past summer we went dont a path near the old helipad and caught 35 frogs. I remember when we dug 3 huge holes in the snow about 1 and 1/2 meters apart and then made tunnels to each of them to connect them. I also remember going skiing with my grandma Beck and going down the high line for my first time. My dad works for CN and he used to take me and my sisters for rides through the forest just for fun to see the great veiws over and over again.There are so many memmories i have here. When ever i talk to my friends about it they get mad at me but i don't care it's a great place and no one can stop me from talking about all the good things there. I remember i used to climb the trees and i named a few of them for what they "do" and i have lots of friends there. I used to climb on the medior thing when you first come into Capreol.I went hiking and i got lost but i new to go to the highest place and look for somthing farmilar and i did i seen Our Lady Of Peace church and so i ran in that direction and sure enough i found the train tracks so i followed them. I think this small town is hard not to like it is amazing and i miss it so much. I think the whole town should get together and take time to make the town new again! well even tho i have way more memories i think that's enough! well PEACE!!Barbara Johnson, Whitby, Ontario

Barbara Johnson, Whitby, Ontario

I grew up on Lake Shore St. in the 1960's, so of course my fondest memories of Capreol are of the river and beach. I can remember the first time I jumped off the end of the dock and the first time I swam to the island with my best friend Liz. The Island, Snake, High Dive, Indian, Slanty, Elephant, The Big Rock, Blueberry Hill, First Underground and Second Underground are names that are forever etched in my mind. I remember staying at the beach every day of the summer - for the entire day - only going home to eat supper and then returning to the beach. I remember the fun we would have when the Life Guards would go off duty at 8:00 pm. At this time, we would be able to run on the dock and push each other off (playfully) without a scolding. I remember how beautiful Lake Shore Street looked then. There were stately trees on the grass running the entire length of the street. The beach was clean and even the bottom of the river seemed nicer. The grass was well kept by Mr. Miles and he even placed decorative rocks btween the grass and the road. One year he painted them yellow and one year they were painted silver. The Island was clean and the diving board was always well maintained. The beach was always crowded. When I would wake up in the morning I could already hear the people at the beach. I would jump up, get my bathing suit on and run to the beach. I wish that kids in Capreol today could see what our glorius beach looked like in my childhood.

Luke Fortin
Barrie Ont.
Growing up in capreol was good.Nice people, hot girls and lots of things to do.I had fun.