Manitoulin North Shore Naval Veterans Association
A Member of The Royal Canadian Naval Association
President: Bryan G. Chapelle - Vice President: Ron Young

Secretary/Treasurer: William A Ranich - National Director: Jack A. Chapelle

Master Arms: Jim Dowdall

'The Manitoulin North Shore Naval Veterans Association (MNVA) is a member in good
standing of the Royal Canadian Naval Association (RCNA). The RCNA is a
certified veterans organization with representation to parliament, the Royal
Canadian Navy, and other veteran groups, organizations, and associations.

Through the RCNA we make our feelings heard to all levels of government(s), to the
press, and to any other relative parties. Each member therefore of the Manitoulin
North Shore Naval Veterans Association (MNVA) has a reach nation wide and an
influence that stretches long beyond his/her local area.We are lovers of the sea and of our naval force, 'The Royal Canadian Navy'. As such we are loyal to it and to our sovereign, Her Majesty the Queen. We feel a deep respect and a strong appreciation for the men and women who served in our navy and in the Merchant Marine prior to and during World War One and Two, The Korean War, and all other military engagements in which our seamen/sea women took part.

We honour our current force and stand with them in their duty and loyalty to our great nation, Canada.

While we give our Veterans their due respect and while we sincerely appreciate those
serving today we do not ask members of the MNVA to be anything but lovers of the
sea, to share in the awe of it and to join us in working for the continued
glorification of our Royal Canadian Navy. And to help us promote and develop the
Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps and the Navy League Cadet Corps in our area.

The MNVA incorporates Sault Ste Marie to Markstay/Warren so we are a big area of like minded people enjoying friendship/camaraderie/loyalty.'