Frank Madigan March 2014
Dear Mayor Matichuk and members of council:

li is not very often I would not welcome someone to our city indeed, in the 55 plus years since I moved here, it has never happened before.

Now I ask you to convey to Mr. Brendan Adair how unwelcome he and his totalitarian ideas are. Brendan Adair sounds like a real winner to me. I mean that as insulting as possible

Mr. Adair says “We're trying to create a barrier between citizens and staff,”. Wow. Did he ever think that they are my staff, my friends and my neighbours. They aren’t his staff, they aren’t afraid and they work for me, not him. I don’t want to be separated from them. There has never been an issue of security so lets make one is what he is saying. It is called EMPIRE BUILDING. A man from the big city comes up here to tell us northern rubes how to act; how to be really sophisticated; how to see danger where it doesn’t exist.

The need for “more control” at city council meetings is tightening up security at Tom Davies Square

“We're trying to create a barrier between citizens and staff,” said Brendan Adair, the city's new manager of corporate security.

Security will be posted at the door, greeting everyone who comes in.” Save your money, I don’t want to be greeted by a security guard and if I want to go down and say hello to a member of council I will. It has never been a problem. Don't make it one.

I don’t need security approving what media is allowed in. I’ll leave that up to editors and general managers. Perhaps Mayor, you haven’t noticed, but while doing their job, reporters from the CBC,CTV, Northern Life, the Sudbury Star and regional papers have been unfailingly polite while also being unfailingly professional.

Adair said the changes aren't about security reacting to any issues. Rather, they are a “relationship piece” to ensure everyone's safety.

As I said Mr. Adair is Empire Building. Please tell Adair, It is called wasting money .Tell Adair, not to challenge me, I don't like bully tactics. Council should save some money right now and fire Adair. That is my city hall; not his and not exclusively yours or members of council. I only lend it to you for four years at a time. I am very angry and concerned when someone decides arbitrarily to restrict my movement anywhere but especially access to those who I elect.

I apologize for the strong language but I have read exactly how the dictators of the world secured their institutions. It is not a joke.

Frank Madigan